Sunday, May 15

sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Baby, I haven't been this hyped up since the Mariners signed Pete O'Brien as a free agent. Would 4 pm hurry and get here for crying out loud?

Here are the questions upon which I expect tonight's game to turn: (my picks in parenthesis)

Can Ray Allen hit his shots? (Yes)
Will Rashard play more than a token role with his bum toe? (No)
Can TD and the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight hit more than 60% of their FTs? (Yes)
Will Tony Parker & Manu Divac rediscover the magic from games 1 and 2? (No)
Will JJ continue to throw down monster dunks? (No)
Who will take the offensive slack left from Vlade and Rashard? (AD and Collison)

And, finally, who's going to win? (Sonics, 101-93)

Vegas says Spurs by 6, with a 186 over/under. I'm not embarrassed to say that my pick has absolutely nothing to do with logic, and absolutely everything to do with blind, unabashed love of the green and gold.

Let's go, Sonics!

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