Monday, November 7

Early Returns

I wouldn't normally project results from such minimal samples, but, heck, if the networks can pick who the next president will be after eight guys in New Hampshire cast their votes, well, it can't be that wrong, can it?
  • Through 2 games, Ray Allen is, quite obviously, the greatest player in Sonic history through 2 games. How much does he help the Sonics' offense? Well, Seattle is averaging 40 fewer points per 48 minutes with him wearing a warmup jackup than without.
  • The Sonics are holding opponent 2 guards to 7 points a game.
  • Flip Murray's stats are so bad, it makes me wish for Jon Sundvold.
  • Did you know? Danny Fortson leads the NBA in fouls/game.

Other important tidbits gleaned from other sources: Mateen Cleaves has replaced Flip Murray in the rotation, at least temporarily. It appears he will join the Omen in a high-energy "spark off the bench" type thing. Thank you, Mr. Flint ... Rick Brunson is on the inactive list with a sore left foot he reinjured in the Clipper game. Not known if he'll play against the Grizzlies on Tuesday night.


chunkstyle23 said...

Did you mean Mr. Slate? Or to call Mateen a Flintstone? Either way, I'm pleased to that somebody off the bench is stepping up.

Somebody also pointed out earlier that D-Fort led the NBA touches per foul shot at 1.9 a game last year. The stat was mentioned in this great article on The Worldwide Leader.

Seeing as how a recurring theme of our little site is debunking the conventional wisdom/laziness of media types, I naturally found Hruby's piece to be a very welcome bit of myth-busting, and big middle finger to the types who cite such myths as reasons to hate on the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Flintstones, Flint, Michigan, Mr. Slate ... too many nicknames to keep up with on a Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

haha he is Mr.Flint more Mr. Flint the Peterson or Bell. ya i like the cleaves move. i feel like i been his only supporter on these boards. Flip sucks at poitn face it. Rick is gona get hurt he cant play big minutes. Cleaves is younger and in great shape. I remember 2 years ago the nba wrote an article about how he was on of the hardest working players in the gym. Pete i got a feeling your a cleaves hater. boo to you.

Anonymous said...

If the harshest words I hear in my lifetime are 'Cleaves-hater,' I shall die a happy man.

That said, I'll take Cleaves over Murray with no qualms. I'm not so convinced about Brunson, though, being that he's actually done something in this league and Cleaves has not.

Anonymous said...

man, i wonder what's happening with flip. he used to be such a promising player. :( hopefully, he'll regain some of his lost form, soon.

but it's great to see mateen stepping up. he's a good guy and a real high energy player which is exactly what we need.

on a side note, radman's getting kinda annoying with all his hollering for more minutes. i mean...come on. consistently prove yourself first then you'll get the minutes you want. don't bring down team chemistry with this whining, man.