Friday, November 18

Sonics Blast Bulls 98-84

Hey, look who doesn't suck anymore—it's the Sonics!

Seattle came back from 11 down at halftime to beat Chicago 98-84 Friday night at Key Arena. Ray Allen scored 20 in the second half to help the Supes claw back from the dead and win this one going away. Allen and Rashard Lewis both scored 27 points apiece to lead the team.

The Sonics, who had allowed their last five opponents to score over 100 points, finally played some defense with solid efforts from Petro-Power (4 blocks in 24 minutes) and Mateen Cleaves, while limiting the Bulls to 38 percent shooting from the field.

The Sonics started slow, but ended the game looking like the dominant force from last year. Hopefully, the season will play out that way as well.


Anonymous said...


heres a few reasons why:
1. Mateen is pass first. He's not a great shooter, and he knows it unlike Flip.
2. IF Mateen decides to take it to the hoop, he doesn't take 20 seconds to try shake everyone on defense and split a triple team before getting to the hoop
3. He runs the offense!
4. Brings energy on the court. He is a very energetic, uplifting guy, which is one of the main reasons why they kept him this year and last. I think the team plays better when he's on the floor instead of Flip.

All in all the Sonics played great in the SECOND HALF. The first half was absolutly terrible! 12 in the 2nd...would have been 9 w/o the 3 by Rashard at the end. But the 2nd half was incredible! The Bulls were stunned. Great game.

TheBiz said...

What a great game. I think Weiss has finally found a rotation that works, and better yet it doesn't include Flip "TO" Murray or Mikki "TO2" Moore.

Even though Vlade still wasn't shooting that well, he helped to set up the offense and stretch the opposing defense leaving one on one matchups to be exploited by Lewis and Allen.

It's only been a couple games but Cleaves is making me forget all about AD, decent defense, unselfishness, good passing, driving to the lane, and a butt fugly jumper. Yep, that's AD-lite right there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the only difference between Antoino Daniels and Mateen Cleaves is that Daniels was a way better shooter who could play off guard, which allowed him to be a flat-out versatile player; plus, with Daniels on the roster, it was easier to bench Ronald "Flip" Murray and spell Luke Ridnour for longer minutes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! things are looking up! thank GOD! :D go SONICS! GOOOOO! *cheers like a freaking crazy fan*

Anonymous said...

if mateen keeps it up will we soon be seeing Ridnour sitting on the bench in crunch time like last year??

chunkstyle23 said...

Luke looked all right thru that stretch in the third when he ripped the ball from Duhon and took it in for a layup. But indeed Mateen was a the sparkplug. I just knew that ugly-ass 3 was gonna go in with everything just flowin' at that point.

For Mateen to truly make me forget AD, he has to get to the rack and finish and/or draw the foul. AD was so valuable for penetrating and getting knocked on his butt every other possession last year. But for now I'll take Mr. Flintstone over Flip Mode Squad.

Zach said...

.500 is good with me

Paul said...

Manjacks rule! The Sonics ads have totally sucked since they dumped Wong Doody. Check out the "Wexley School for Girls" link on the sidebar for more funny stuff from the genius minds behind the Manjacks stuff.

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if we had the foresight to keep Watson, I liked his hustle and defense the first time around. I'm certainly tired of seeing opposing PG go to the rack at will.

I also liked the idea that Will Conroy was, and is, available and tearing up the NBDL. Conroy netted two triple doubles, while averaging high numbers in the big three catagories, during a stretch of extended playing time when fellow 66'ers guard John Lucas Jr. was called up for a stint in Houston. Wee Willy continues to be among the league leaders in assists and one of the most complete PG in the NBDL. WIth Lucas back his minutes have decreased again but was still able to record 10 assists in 19 min of play.

Any one know Bryon Russell's contract status? I know he's getting up there but he was always a pretty good defender--when he wasn't falling at Jordan's feet.

The second round pick would be a bonus if we didn't waste our picks on garbage like Luke Ridnour and Collison. In all honesty that was probably one of the weakest drafts in history, what a year to have two lottery picks. But there really should be a rule against drafting two white guys if one isn't a Euro player. NO, there should be a rule regardless. Collison will never be anything in this league and Ridnour is too slow to be successful as well.

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Anonymous said...

Where can I get the Go Sonics series of TV ads, 1998?