Friday, July 21

More Kemp Troubles

You know, you want to believe the best in people, and then ...


Shawn Kemp, 36, was arrested in Houston early Friday morning and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Kemp allegedly had two ounces or less of the drug in his possession.


The story comes from a Houston television station, complete with video footage.


Anonymous said...

Rough news for Shawn. Intersting that the Times is running a "Best Sonic of all-time" poll right now. Here's how the latest rankings shape up:

1. Gary
2. Lenny
3. Downtown Freddie Brown
4. Sikma
5. Kemp
6. McMillan
7. Ray Allen

I voted for Spencer Haywood, but if you had my on the polygraph, I'd vote for Gary Payton.

Here's the link:

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Anonymous said...

"You know, you want to believe the best in people, and then ..." What's that supposed to mean? It was just weed, there's othing wrong with smokin' or possessing weed. If that makes him a bad person, then I should change my handle to satan. GO SUPERCHRONICS

Anonymous said...

For a guy who says he wants back in the league, Shawn is going about it in a pretty lousy way.

Look, obviously carring 2 ounces of marijuana is nothing major. Still, I think most of us are rooting for Shawn to make it back, for no other reason than to make us feel like it's 1995 again. It also sounds as though he wants to come back. And yet, he continues to make stupid mistakes that hinder him from returning.

Look at it this way, if the only thing standing between you and a big check was NOT carrying around pot and NOT hanging out in parking lots with bags of weed and guns, wouldn't you put the pot on hold for a year or two until after you cashed all the checks?

Anonymous said...

it's just weed. His comeback was never going to happen. 1995 was 11 years ago. His dunks were amazing, but his stat line wasn't as ridiculous as we think it was. If he did come back for a team, he wouldn't get more than 10 minutes a game.

Anonymous said...

Man, anonymous, you've got to back that up with a name. Are you saying that Shawn wasn't as good we all thought he was? I'll say this: If you can name another power foward who could:

1. Run the fast break
2. Consistently hit baseline jump shots
3. Play defense
4. Get to the line
5. Hit clutch FTs consistently

well, go ahead and name him. If he hadn't gotten his life messed up, Shawn would have been a first-ballot HOFer no question.

Anonymous said...

"For a guy who says he wants back in the league, Shawn is going about it in a pretty lousy way."

Naw, he just wants to be a Blazer. What better way to apply to be a Blazer than that???

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with that. Although, you've got to admit they're at least making an effort now to clean up the team.

Hey, has anyone else voted on that on-line poll. C'mon, guys, we've got to get Spencer Haywood listed at least in the top 5!

Anonymous said...

He may have hit clutch free throws consistently, however, had he even hit ONE of the two at the end of Game 4 in Denver, we would have won the title that year. The only team that was stopping us was Denver, and Kemp blew our chance to put them away. Thankfully he redeemed himself by hitting the clinching free throws against the Jazz.

Anonymous said...

Quick list of the players listed as "Most Similar" to Shawn Kemp according to, over the course his career,

Al Jefferson, LaSalle Thompson, Derrick Coleman, Moses Malone, Karl Malone, Chris Gatling, Mychal Thompson, Maurice Lucas

That's Kemp in a paragraph: equally similar to LaSalle Thompson as to Karl Malone.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Good one, nuss.

I miss the Reign Man, and there was a time I thought he was the best power forward in the league...of course back then I thought Steven Seagal was a bad-ass.

That being said, if you had accurate daily drug testing in the NBA for weed, you'd lose half the league. I don't condone it, but I don't condemn it either.

Realistically he was a long shot to return, and the shortlist of teams willing to pick him back up probably shrank just a little bit more.

Great, similar players both in talent and career path-- how does Roy Tarpley NOT make the list?!?

Paul said...

Thanks "Rocky" and "downtown J" for spamming about your shitty link-farming site on Supersonicsoul. Oops, I accidently erased your "comments". My bad.