Sunday, July 23

Save Our Sonics!

In case you haven't seen it yet, the good people at are organizing an effort to save our team. We've offered our services, and encourage everyone else out there to do the same. Keep hope alive!


Anonymous said...

Come on guys. The movement has begun. We are going to need all the help we can get.

Here is a banner that I ask you to please use on message boards.

And here is a wallpaper that can also be used as a sign or poster.

Come visit and as well!

Anonymous said...

working links

Anonymous said...

what the hell are you talking about?!

here is a quote from the seattlepi:

"These days right here nobody will remember," Allen said. "Our team will be here. There will be a new building, wherever it is. I will say we will be playing basketball in this region. I'm confident. The only thing I am worried about is people becoming pessimistic and saying the season is over with and the team is gone and nobody supporting the team."

you couldnt be more wrong. you people's attitudes are very destructive to any possible chance at keeping our team. its folks like you that make the majority of the population think this is hopeless. you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with nike. To accept the fate of the Sonics as too late to do something about is ridiculous.Just because King 5 brodcasts something doesn't set it in stone. And no player has accepted the fate of the Sonics moving to Oklahoma, especially Ray Allen,listen to his interview. We have almost lost other major sports teams in this area and that did not happen because people fought for their teams and did not give up. Remember to keep supporting the teams through this next season and remember that they're not lost until they have actually moved!!!

Anonymous said...

If the sonics leave Seattle I will be pissed forever because I love basketball and I am not driving down to Portland to watch the stupid trailblazers. NOBODY EVER DRINK STARBUCKS AGAIN! lousy Shultz is a billionaire and he can't even put up the money to buy the sonics. What a schmuk!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean they tried to steal your home team?

Anonymous said...

Bill gates, you are our only hope. Local businesses like ourselves, and countless restaurant and bar owners rely on the Seattle Supersonics to survive. Most importantly, this is your chance to do something special for the most underrated sports fans in the country. Build it and the Seattle fans will come. We do not drink Starbucks coffee.

Anonymous said...

Please don't move Supersonics until I visit Seattle.
Don't broke my dream to see the Supersonics. I'm big fan from Switzerland !! If they move they change the name, the colors because the fans are going to change.

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