Thursday, July 27

Shinn on New Orleans

George Shinn, owner of the Hornets, made a few comments yesterday regarding his team's move to New Orleans, implying that a final decision on where the Hornets will call home after next season should come "as early as September, maybe as late as December or January."

Shinn also indicated that he would prefer to spend this season in Oklahoma before moving to New Orleans in the 2007-08. The Hornets are slated to play 35 games in OKC this season.

Insert nasty comment about how the Sonics are on a one-year trial in Seattle here.


Anonymous said...

Bobby Jackson says that Shinn wants in Oklahoma. Read the last line of this:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite a comment from Jackson. Thanks, Chris. Here's the actual quote:

"I know that the city wants a team here [Oklahoma City]. I know that George Shinn wants to be here. After all the stuff that happened in New Orleans, this city has welcomed this team with open arms. I don't see nothing but bigger and brighter things for the Oklahoma City Hornets."

Anonymous said...

Normally, I'd be loathe to critize someone else's religious beliefs, but Shinn is such a confirmed jerk that I don't mind piling on in this case. Sorry, George, but I don't think God's will has anything to do with how you'd like to make Oklahoma City your 3rd address in less than 5 years.

CGHill said...

Unless, of course, George Shinn thinks David Stern is God, and when Stern inevitably smites him for this sort of talk, Shinn will believe it. :)