Tuesday, October 2

Monday Tuesday Sonics News

Here are some quick Supersonics hits to start your week (if your week starts on Tuesday):

The Seattle Supersonics are only inviting one non-roster player to training camp this year. His name? Jermaine Jackson!

Last week, the city of Seattle sued the Sonics. This week, season-ticket holders sued the Sonics. Today, the Sonics are taking the city to court. The Sonics may not have a lot of fans this season, but they are making great inroads in one demographic: Lawyers!

But enough about lawsuits, yesterday was Media Day! Where was Supersonicsoul, you ask? Reading about it in the P.I., just like you.

Did we mention Wally Szczerbiak is in the house? Did we mention we don't care?

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mcwalter44 said...

Hollinger put out his pre-season evaluations today and he says the following about the Sonics at the end of this evaluation.

"A lot of folks seem focused on who isn't there -- namely, Allen and Lewis -- but the additions Seattle made should at least offset that. Durant adds a star right away, Thomas and Swift add a frontcourt dimension that was completely missing a season ago, and Szczerbiak and West can make up for some of the missing scoring from Allen. Besides, Green and Durant can't defend the perimeter any worse than Allen and Lewis did.

As a result, I expect the Sonics to stay on the fringes of the Western Conference playoff chase for much of the season. If they get really lucky in close games, they might even slip into the No. 8 spot. One thing is for certain, though -- anything they do on the court will be drowned out by the noise over a potential move. After paying their dues for 40 years without a single top-wattage superstar passing through, let's keep our fingers crossed that folks in Seattle get to see more than one year of the Durant era. "

That's right, the same thing I've been saying for months. That the Sonics could be fringe playoff team, but most likely will finish exactly were they did last season (some where between 6th and 10th worst team in the league) with a 35-47 record. It also looks like Hollinger is like all of us SEATTLE supersonic fans hoping that we get more that just 1 year with Durant.