Friday, October 12

Where Are They Now

First a quick update on Sedale Threatt. If you read this blog and TrueHoop, you already know this story, but in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap.

Not only is Threatt teaching basketball in Australia (as we noted last week), he’s also the father of 14 children, as this New York Times story from Michael Weinreb explains (including this chilling quote from Sedale Threatt, Jr.: “The No. 1 lesson my father did teach me is how not to be a father.” I’m guessing Hallmark won’t be including that in their cards next June). It’s a great story, though, and makes you want to nominate Threatt Junior and his mother for political office, or at least a daily talk show, because they’re just good people.

That said, what are the odds that Shawn Kemp did not father the most kids in Sonic history? Would you have even thought that it was possible he’d rank behind somebody else, let alone Sedale Threatt of all people? Come to think of it, Threatt and Kemp were joined on the 90-91 Sonics with Quintin Dailey – how may kids do you think ol’ Q had? I’m almost at the point where I expect to read that Warren Jeffs was the assistant trainer for that team.

But enough of that, on with your Friday Where Are They Now:

OLDEN POLYNICE – The 7-footer from Haiti who lasted an astounding 17 years in the NBA is now, even more unbelievably, a head coach. Granted it’s with the Long Beach Breakers of the ABA, but if you could have made a teaser bet in 1987 that OP would 1) play 1,000 games in the NBA and 2) eventually become a head coach, I think you might have made a fair bit of change. (Bonus note: the Breakers’ web site doesn’t have a roster yet, but they do have a dance team. At least they’ve got their priorities in order).

SCOOTER MCCRAY – McCray only lasted in Seattle for two seasons, and in the NBA for three, but the former Louisville standout hasn’t let that stop him from being a success off the court. McCray currently runs a number of La-Z-Boy stores in the Louisville area. I can think of at least one former Sonic who’d be a natural endorser.

– I always think of Conlon as having played 30 years ago for the Sonics, but he just retired last year from pro ball, spending the past half-decade in Europe. In addition, Conlon captained the Irish National Team, and currently lives in Manhattan where he does some coaching for prospective players.


Anonymous said...

Good old "Officer" Polynice is a great example of how simply being a 7 footer can be enough to have a long career. I still can't believe he though he could blend in enough to pose as a cop.

Anonymous said...

In terms of the Sedale Threatt story..don't believe the hype! Don't believe everything you read. Jr's mother sounds like she brainwashed the kid into despising his father and from the article in NY Times, sounds like she's palying the victim..another angry gold digging black woman maybe???? Maybe. There's always 2 sides to a story and I'm sure Sedale has side too. I played with the guy I know him...athletes are targeted man, don't forget that. Why she still harping on about it anyway? Like how many years ago was that shit? Get over it woman.

CLanterman said...

What's my favorite player of all time, Hersey Hawkins, doing these days?

Anonymous said...

I urge people who haven't read the story to read it. Anonymous' 'argument' aside, Jr. and his mother come off as people who forgave Sedale Sr., despite the fact he never really gave them anything in regards to financial help. The mom worked her way up, never accepted welfare, and now is working for an investment bank, using the money she earns to put her son at a top-flight academic school. If you don't have time to read the story, read this quote from Sedale Jr, who has every reason to 'despise' his dad:

"The easy way is to say, I hate him,” Sedale Jr. said. “But you’re not supposed to hate anybody.”

Now that's class.

Anonymous said...

Oh she accepted money, some background information on Sedale Snr on the net, clearly stated he ended up paying thousands in child support to her when she took him to court. So she shouldn't be saying she never got any money from him when she did. I'm sorry but it sounds like she never got over him and Sedale was her only claim to fame. Why on earth after what? 20 years? she's still talking about him. Really! He has a great relationship with several of his other children and their mothers, you don't hear about them trying to thrust into the media/net and talk about what happened in the that's class!

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES????!! REALLY? who really cares about athletes personal lives? For those that do, you need to occupy your time with more important and more meaningful things in life. Talk about their game and talent they bought to their team and game.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nuss & Anonymous. Sedale’s mother does sound like a bitter, gold digger.
She for obvious reasons named her son after him and then cries to the media that he never contributed… His name alone contributed to the success in her and her son’s life. I pose the question, would she have been financially better off without Sedale Threatt Sr. ever being in her life? Or would she have stayed Nadine Jackson, "girl from the block", with a no talent, no name child?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Sedale Threatt baby momma - one night stands will do it every time. She got paid - alot - blew the money and wants more! GREED - yeah she brain-washed the kid. Named him after his older brother from what I hear - what more do they want - sympathy, entitlement, leave the man alone - he paid you off now get a life!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the last posted comment quote "Get a life!". So true, one night stand was exactly what it was and it's about time she told her son the TRUTH! Where does she get off making up this crap story of hers that she and Sedale Sr had a long "in love" relationship????! SO NOT TRUE! She got paid BIG TIME! She's a nobody and has nobody in her life...mmm wonder why? If she's all that like she claims to be, why hasn't some amazing rich handsome man swept her off her feet? She's still trying to get money from a man she had a one night stand with and is still longing for his attention. Don't she know he doesn't pay any attention to this sort of crap! He's in another country, he has moved on in life! He has better things to do with his time I'm sure. Like the previous comment, she names her son after the father..I mean come on?! For her to be doing this decades later she sure must be miserable and have nothing in her life. She has her son's mind all wrong and she will be the one responsible if he starts to lose focus. I just hope her son wakes up and asks himself "Why is my mother the only one thrusting into the media with all this, why does my father have great relationships with his other children and their mothers?". Leave the man alone, he's paid his dues not ***K off Miss Nadine Jackson!!! You are the one who has deprived your son from having a wonderful father in his life! Kayne West got it right with his song "Gold Digger". Sedale Threatt has achieved enormously life, I ask you- what have you achieved in your life? A one night stand with a celebrity athlete and that's all you got to claim your fame??!! Really, get a life!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Sydney Australia and saw Sedale in Sydney at the Acer Arena for the And1 Mixtape Tour on Saturday. I've been a fan of his before and during the Lakers particularly. It was of somewhat a great thrill to see him in person; it was a surreal moment for me.

Seeing Sedale brought back many remembrances from the 80's NBA era. This led me to google my favourite all time players from that time to relive highlights from those games and see what they're up to now. Much to my surprise I stumbled across some disturbing reads on Sedale.

For those posting personal comments about him and his personal life, (like the one his son and mother have recently), please refrain from doing so. It is unnecessary and irrelevant. It makes no sense doing so and brings no joy to anyone. Do not air your dirty laundry in public, please. There are certain things you keep within your own four walls. It only displays a very tasteless and classless type of behaviour with some kind of a motive.

For many fans like myself, we are only interested in what Sedale and other players bought to the court, not off the court. I will not allow such rubbish to cloud my outlook on Sedale at all and still have only but admiration for him and his talent.

Sedale is doing great things for basketball here and it is an honour to have a former NBA veteran contribute his knowledge and skill to our future aspiring kids. My son will be participating in his camp next school holidays and is already excited about that.

All these negative articles about him are really just absurd and just a ploy to attempt to bring him down, unsuccessfully might I add because he’s doing great here in Australia and many are benefiting and advancing because of him.

To the haters this might disappoint you but Saturday night at the game he looked great. He and his beautiful lady looked so classy, well dressed, well presented and they looked really happy. Sedale was very gracious, respectful and polite to those who approached him.

I cannot express enough how shocked I was to discover that his own son and I believe Nadine is her name? have spread all over the net their very negative energy and un-Christian like ways. Life is about moving on as expressed by other bloggers above and I believe that is what they should do. What more proof do all in his past that still try to exist in his life today, need to understand that he is where he wants to be? He has chosen to live in Australia where he is doing great things and adored, with his lady love of several years and is in a country where he is respected, admired and welcomed. With his other son Sedale Jr also here it is safe to say that he can call Australia home and we as warm friendly down to earth people in Australia, we are proud to have him in our land down under. We will only speak about him on a professional level not personal. What happened in America can stay in America, he's ours now so please keep your negative comments to yourselves and not ruin it for those who are fans and our kids who take his camps.

Thank you and Regards.

Anonymous said...

I personally know sedale quite well. He is a nice guy with pockets that run very deep. It's hard to believe that he didn't financially help jr's mum in the states.

His move to australia had a lot to do with the lifestyle and lack of 'hype' surrounding him.

However, he does need to be more carefull about the number of babies he is making. He needs a lesson on the use of condoms... and yes the girls that he sleeps with need to be more proactive in making him wear one (iv'e had a few sedale scares in the past)

Anyway, having said all this, he is a great guy to know and is very approachable. Only have to ask him and he is there for you. And he certainly knows how to party. If you ever see him out and about, buy him a double double jack daniels with coke! (If you dont have cash for a drink like that, then at least a triple!)

Oh yeah, he likes to be called "big pappa"!!

Anonymous said...

I work at a restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona and being an old Sonics fan from back in the day, I immediately recognized Sedale. He was in town for the festive season and bought along his girlfriend from Australia; they were having dinner and I rudely butted in to say hi. Nice people. Great moment for me, talked about basketball, shook his hand and then let them enjoy their dinner in peace.

Anonymous said...

It's funny reading all this stuff on my man Sedale, who I ran into over this Xmas/NY. I used to hang out and play ball with him in Arizona/PHX & it was great to see him again. All I can tell y'all is the man is real good and real happy. He had his girl with him from Australia on this trip, they been together 3 years, they live together, it's the real deal with them. She's a stunning girl & lovely. They real happy together & affectionate. I know Sedale & how he is I known him a long time. The guy has really got it together & this is the girl. You all can speculate & talk all the trash you want but Sedale don't ever do anything he don't want to do. If you know him that's what you will know for sure. I know through talk here in PHX this one girl he fought for. I read on another website, he with her for his own motives and stuff, y'all don't know how wrong you got it, it's laughable if y'all REALLY knew. I don't know why all these bitter women hang on to the past and try to think having a kid to the man against his wishes is going to ever bring a man back. Y'all gotta move on with your lives it ain't gonna happen. Just look at his record he don't go back. Take it from me I know.
Be happy the man is happy & doing his thing in Austrlia now, I'm gonna catch up with Dale real soon & talk hoops again, he a good dude. So peace to y'all.

Anonymous said...

Notice that the only positive talk about Sedale Threatt only comes from men....??? Any woman who has ever been involved with Sedale, knows what it really is and who he really is. And it definitley ain't positive! Seems that the rest of the world, fans, his family and ALL his kids will know the truth, if they don't already. His NBA nickname The Thief fitted him right but Slim Shady would've been better! Don't be fooled by this fool, he should be locked up and kept away from society and especially women so there can be a stop to him ruining so many lives. This is man not to be trusted in any way shape or form. Just look at his history, he's a con-artist. I'm glad he's in my past, he still lives in his past! He can't give up that lifestyle. Every dog has it's day, his will come one day, from a higher being.

Anonymous said...

Someone sounds bitter. The man is a lasting relationship -and no she doesn't a kid to him like everybody else did, they're together because they actually love each other. He's doing just great don't listen to negative talk about him. He did great in the NBA and is contuining to great things for basketball still.

Anonymous said...

I met Sedale's grilfriend several days after Xmas 07, on vacation in Scottsdale Arizona at a hotel. My wife and I met her in the business centre facility of the hotel. She was absolutely lovely such a warm lovely girl, just beautiful and striking. My wife and I travel a lot and for years have wanted to visit Australia and she helped us with our intended travel to her country. We didn't get the chance to meet Sedale but did however see them together from a far at Kierland Commons and looked like a vision of a doting couple in love. We're more NFL followers than NBA but do know who Sedale is from his years in the league. You can't believe everything you read especially when it's negative.

Ron & Mary Hastings

Anonymous said...

I know them both, (Sedale & his girlfriend)they're both great people and great together as a couple. They're so much fun to be around, lovely, warm, hospitable & loving. He just adores her. She is like this domestic goddess, she could give Martha Stewart a run for her money. She can do it all; she's the total package. I've been to their home and she's an amazing cook, so organised, super clean & neat. Martha Stewart! Incredibly hospitable. No take away dinners for her man, more like home cooked restaurant quality meals. I know there's a lot of negative talk about him and lots of other speculation but I know him and her and they are great people. They are also very private, her inparticular. Their home life is their sanctuary, reserved for only family and close friends. They have dinner parties etc..they spend a lot of quality time in their home. You won't find her at the clubs because those types of clubs aren't her scene, they go together to classy bars and other places and travel together. I'm a good friend of theirs and have grown to have a lot of respect and admiration for Sedale after what I've seen and know.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the comments about Nadine Jackson, you have either NOT read some of the articles fully or correctly. I know her from back in the 80s when she lived in Philadelphia and she has NEVER said anything degrading about Sedale Sr. in private or to the media -- regardless of how many people tried to push her into doing so. Even in the story in the NYTimes, the reporter wrote that she refused to have an overtly bad picture painted of Sedale Sr. By the way, I lived in Philly at the time she and Sedale were seeing each other and she was NOT a one night stand!

Do you realize that the FACTS about the financial aspects of their relationship are documented public, state and federal records? These along with Sedale's ACTIONS or lack thereof, ALL of these FACTS are what spoke loud and clear. She has always stated that she received some child support for their son, but there were months and years when she did not. Therefore, since it is a state and federal CRIME not support your child when it is within your means to do so, the courts automatically intervene once anyone's back child support reaches over $30,000....amounting to YEARS of nonsupport.

As her friend, I've kept in touch with her over the years. From all the charity work she has done in many communities with the homeless, underprivilege children, and the less fortunate, to the sacrafices she has personally made to provide for their son and put him through college, you will find her to be one amazingly strong and determined woman.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what this site is writing about Nadine. As a member of her family, I can tell you first hand that she is no 'gold digger' and she was not a one night stand. Gee wizz, the whole neighborhood knew they were a couple. Do you know she never once took him back to court to have the initial amount of child support raised as the law allows and the Dept of Child Support tried to force her to do? Do you know that the reason why you don't hear or read about the other mothers or children of Sedale Sr. in the newspapers is because they are writing Sedale Jr. at Lehigh asking for his and Nadine's help because these kids who claim to be Sr.'s do not know how to get in touch with him so they are going to the son? Nadine and Jr. refuse to ever given any info out about Sr. to protect him? Do you know that by the LAW of our country Sr. should be helping out with Jr.'s college tuition and expenses and he doesn't? Sr. can help, freely, on his own, but he doesn't. It is the LAW of the country for BOTH parents to contribute to their child's education -- where are or were Sr's contributions? Nadine has been protecting Sr. by NOT having the schools or lawyers or government go after him to financially help with just the education of their son. Every year she has to humble herself to ask for federal aid to help pay for college for their son; and she did the same for all his schools in the absence of the father's financial assistance. Do you know that, as stated in the newspapers, she received on a portion (not even half) of the monies from the federal court and paid back all the monies owed for Jr.'s education and legal fees? She has never asked nor demanded more from Sr. than what he was willing to give. Do you know that Jr. works odd jobs in between courses during the summers at Lehigh and at home and they both use all their savings and file for financial aid, personal loans, grants, and other aid from Lehigh in the absence of Sr. volunteeringly helping out? Those of you who follow college sports should know that the Ivy and Patriots Leagues do not give full athletic scholarships. To call her a 'gold digger' when she has worked up to 3 jobs to make up for the inconsistent child support or none at all (even now while Jr. is in college), is not fair. She never asked for anything more than what Sr. was willing to give freely, on his own. Thank God for the legal system, because if it weren't for the law and legal officials automatically stepping in and acting on behalf of the child, I don't believe Jr. would have gotten anything.

You asked if Nadine would have had a name for herself or Jr. a name for himself without Sedale Sr. -- Do your homework like the reporters did because Nadine is a very humble young lady and did not to to them in over 20 yrs or brag or tell them anything! Both Nadine and Jr. had and have made their own marks in athletic history on local and national levels; which is ALSO why notariety has followed Jr., not just because of his father's accomplishments. Little Dale may not have had a good year in football this year, but he alone earned his national recognition in FOOTBALL and the resulting rankings. NFL and Canadian teams are looking at him, because of HIS accomplishments, not anything to do with his father's name or accomplishments.

Regardless of all that's happened little Dale LOVES his father -- didn't you read the New York Times stating he said that? This LOVE and RESPECT he has for his father IS BECAUSE OF MY NIECE, Nadine Jackson! She has always said that the Bible says everyone is suppose to honor thy father and thy mother all the days of your life, and this is what she has not only taught Jr. but many of his friends whose fathers have turned their backs on them. I remember when Sr. would come to town to play the Celtics and was terribly behind in his child support payments. They legal officials could have come in and arrested him and humiliated him as they were doing other professional atheletes. It was Nadine who said "That's my son's father and I do NOT want him embarassed like that. He and I will work it out." I even remember after the fire and I lost my mother (Nadine's grandmother and Jr.'s greatgrandmother), when the reporters were like "Isn't that Sedale Threatt's son?" And Nadine told them "Yes, but please don't say anything or try to make an issue out of it. Allow us our privacy during this time."

It light of all this, do you know that like one of her friends wrote, "Actions speak louder than words." To let everyone know, Nadine had been moved on with her life WITHOUT Sr. Working so many jobs, raising a child on her own and trying to be a good mother, father, sister, brother and friend to Jr. took up so much of her time that she didn't have the time to invest in a personal relationship -- but it was NOT because she ever was a low life person, but it has been because she has put her responsibilities of being a dependable loving mother first and foremost. Now that Jr. will be graduating and moving on as an adult all of us who love and admire Nadine wish her someone to love and cherish her as the special woman she is.

Don't hate her and degrade her because she is a survivor and her son is just giving credit and honor to where they are his MOTHER. When I read all the articles the only thing actual negative said about Sedale Sr. is that "If truth be told, he was not there." And for the past 20 plus years, opportunity has always been there for him to play an active role in his son's life. But don't spit on his mother, my niece, she truly doesn't deserve it. Especially, since she has never spat on his father, Sedale Sr.

Anonymous said...

I heard through the grapevine about this blog and couldn't believe it until I'm reading the different posts. OMG!! I KNOW Sedale Jr. (Skip) and consider his mother like my own. We call her "Mama Jackson" and go over to his house and eat to our full when Skip is in town. She can cook a mean steak and spare ribs!! Lemme tell y'all, Skip and Mama Jackson are two of the coolest peoples in the hood and would (and have given) the shirts off their backs and shoes and sneakers off their feet to anyone in need.

BACK OFF Mama Jackson! If his pops wasn't and isn't acting like a dad in Skip's life, it's his pop's choice for whatever reason(s). His dad ain't here or wasn't there for Skip, so what! Who cares?! His mother is and always has been. Oh yeah, Ma Jackson is a beautiful woman inside and out.

I can't write anything negative or positive about his dad bcuz I've never seen or met the dude...and I have been friends with Skip since we played Pop Warner football and he moved into the city....13 years ago.

Don't be a 'baby mama hater' when she's doing the right thing during hard times. It ain't her who has been having all these babies by different 'baby daddies' and taking them to court to support her babies. Looks like Mama Jackson learned her lesson the first time over 20 yrs ago. It's the 'baby daddy' that needs to 'man up' to his responsibilities as a 'father' to ALL his children and not play favorites or partiality for whatever reasons. Like the movie Spike Lee directed, Skip's dad needs to 'Do The Right Thing" by ALL his kids cuz given the number of kids HE has, Ma Jackson only has ONE, he's going to be hunted, haunted and tracked down one way or another until he's 70 yrs old if he don't learn to wear protection or snip snip!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say as a female single parent myself that Sedale Jr.'s mom couldn't have named him "Junior" without his father's consent. This is Basic State Department of Child Support 101 -- the mother must PROVE not only parternity, but being that his mother named her son after the father like she did, THE FATHER HAD TO HAVE SIGNED OFF meaning AGREED to the naming of Sedale Jr. on this in order for her to do this and receive child support from another state. So all and all, "Big Papa" knew all along what he was doing and did not contest anything since the other Sedale Jr. is a couple of years older than the one from Boston. I bet his mother still has those court and legal papers she had to have submitted to the Dept of Child Support before they did a wage attachment.

Does anyone watch Law and Order or any courtroom shows on television? In order for the Federal Government -- Assistant United State Attorney for Massachusetts -- to take this case, Sedale's mother, really the US Fed Attorney, would have had to have a "slam dunk" case for nonsupport by the father. Which means that "Big Papa" willfully and knowingly CONFESSED that he did nothing to help ALL his kids at that time whose mothers had OUTSTANDING ARREST WARRANTS across several states against "Big Papa".

I thought this was an interesting "Dead Beat Dad" situation and did some research on the internet. The papers state that Sedale Jr.'s mom was only getting $200 a week! This boy's dad was making MILLIONS and couldn't pay what $800 a month or $1,000 a month when there are 5 weeks in a month?! Anyone out there who is a parent knows that private school tuition expenses are over $20k a year and college at a school like Lehigh must be at least $40k or more. If his mom even took ALL the money his father had eventually given her (at the times he did give), it wouldn't have been enough to pay for their son's Jr and Senior high school none-the-less help with the cost of living or share in their son's day-to-day living expenses. This doesn't not sound like a "gold digger" mom to me. This woman is a survivor in her own right!

Also, reading some of these comments from her family and friends and several articles, she put her life aside to take on her responsibilities as a parent. That doesn't sound like resentment to's a mother's unconditional love fellas for her child...not the father. If it's taken over twenty years for her to speak out, I bet it was because of defense for her child -- a mother bear protecting and standing by her cub. Her son sounds like a well loved and likeable young man. If he says his dad wasn't there for him, "Big Papa" wasn't there and she is just confirming that. I didn't read any slanders against Sedale Senior. Just, as someone else wrote, "the FACTS".

Hey, if it looks and smells like a rose, then it's a rose. BUT, if it smells and barks like a dog, then it's a dog.

I'm sure Sedale Sr. is a very nice man to those whom he chooses to be so to, but like it or not, like anyone of us, if we choose not to be likeable or nice...we aren't. However, y'all shouldn't be dogging Junior's mother, Nadine. That's just wrong.

What is stopping "Big Papa" from "Doing The Right Thing" to this day? Like I said, I'm a single mother too and all his mother would have had to do when Junior was applying for college and until this day, is sue his father, take him to court...and it's obvious since he's working earning a nice salary and running around FREE in Australia and New York, Nadine hasn't when given the laws of our country in the United States, she can or could.

I know if I ever found out where my son's father is hiding out at, I would send the feds after him -- take his houses and cars...when those materialistic things mean more to him than caring for the welling being of his own child. Do you know that if us moms were to NEGLECT our children the way that men do (when all men have to do is write a monthly check), we mothers would be publically and shamefully hauled away in hand cuffs and put in jail for "Child Abuse" and many other partental degrading accusations? I don't think fathers, celebrity or otherwise, should escape any less accountability then the moms, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the birth of THEIR child(ren) or seperation of the parents.

Like they say, if the shoe fits, wear it. "Big Papa" needs to confess and apologize to Sedale and Nadine(really ALL his sons and daughters), and work on healing their relationship.

Anonymous said...

This is my cousin you're trying to dog out here. As a matter of fact Sedale Jr and Nadine are both my cousins. Like my uncle said about his niece and some other lady wrote, anything written or comments made are easily verified in the court records. This has never been about Nadine vs Sedale Sr's characters -- that is until now.

Sedale Sr paid through the courts and had to be forced to support his Skip. I mean Nadine didn't start receiving support until Skip was over 2 yrs old and my cousin HAD TO take him to court to get anything from him. When Sedale showed up at the Federal Court in Boston -- he HAD TO confess before the judge and a room full of witnesses, that he did not pay his child support nor did he do anything on his own to help gifts like birthday or christmas presents...NADA!!! So when you say don't believe the hype...just read the court reports like I'm sure the reporters did before they put their names, reputations and newspapers/magazines on the line to possibly be sued for stating false facts.

My cousin isn't sweating Sedale Sr. She's a beautiful woman and role model. When she got pregnant she dropped out of college and put her career on hold and took care of her responsibilities as a mother to be. She wasn't a "Jenny on the block" no body. Since folks who are bad mouthing her did not do there homework and just decided to believe Sedale Sr, here's the scoop and you can look it up for yourselves to see that it's true. Nadine was a Varsity athlete at Amherst High in swimming, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, and in track and field back in the 70's. She held numerous school records and was selected Player of The Week more times than anyone ever from Amherst. Alot of her school and regional records had stood for over 20 yrs...check out her UMass Amherst freshman record for rebounds in basketball that she made back in wasn't broken until after the year 2000. Her track and field record for Division II discus for Western Mass I think is still standing after what 30 yrs!!! If it's not, it has only been recently broken. My cuz Nadine was before her time as a female athlete. At 5'8" she could jump so high in basketball she'd have a whole hand above the rim and occasionally dunk it off of a rebound or alley-oop play. Tell me, how many records did Sedale Sr set that has lasted over 20 years?! Hmmm?

I'll tell you about my cousin because it's public and family knowledge. She graduated high school a semester early to move to california to train for the 1980 Olympics, but the US boycotted them. She then came back and went to UMass Amherst. She was going to try for the 1984 Olympic team so she left college to train fulltime, but this dream ended because she had gotten pregnant.

When the WNBA openned we all tried to get her to tryout, but she wouldn't because she said it would take her away from her son, Sedale Jr, and she would rather be a be around to be a mother to her son, than have to put up with the rigerous schedule of traveling as a professional athlete.

Now my cousin Skip Sedale jr, he was a good bball and football player, but his heart was into football and he made many accomplishments HIMSELF. His mother and especially NOT his dad had anything to do with Skip's success on the football field because neither of them played football! So Skip didn't need or use his father's name to succeed or achieve his national rankings as an QB/Athlete. Skip made a name for HIMSELF!!!

I'm not saying anything about his dad, because Skip has grown to be bigger and stronger than me and would kick my butt if he found out I wrote this! Skip loves his father, he just doesn't like his father's fathering style. Skip loves his mother and you shouldn't be critizing her, not because Skip would hurt you if you said it to his face, but like that other woman just ain't right. Nay Nay hasn't done anything and only spoke the truth...Sedale Sr was not AND is not a part of Skip's life. Like that other lady said, that's FACT not slander.

It is Sedale Sr who is missing out on Skip's life and Sr is doing this all by himself. No one has been stopping him from being a father to Skip but Sr himself. Next time you see Sr in NY tell him he should have stopped by Lehigh to see one of Skip's games or that Skip would have really enjoyed being invited to his basketball camp in Australia and visiting him. His phone number is still the same.

Anonymous said...

So the rumors are true about this blog. As a senior member of Nadine and Sedale's family, I am asking everyone in the family and their friends not to write or make any further comments in support or defense of them on this website or any other website.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking like someone else wrote -- if Sedale's mother has been silent for over 20yrs....something must have threatened her 'cub' and awoken the 'mama bear' in her to defend her son. It sure doesn't look like this had anything to do with any "baby daddy" feelings she may have had for the father. At least not give it's been two decades since she's taken him to court to fight for her 'cub'. I wonder what "threat" not "threatt" woke her out of hybernation? Any ideas...?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking like someone else wrote -- if Sedale's mother has been silent for over 20yrs....something must have threatened her 'cub' and awoken the 'mama bear' in her to defend her son. It sure doesn't look like this had anything to do with any "baby daddy" feelings she may have had for the father. At least not give it's been two decades since she's taken him to court to fight for her 'cub'. I wonder what "threat" not "threatt" woke her out of hybernation? Any ideas...?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I read read she was the Director of Community Relations for the New England Patriots. To me it doesn't sound or look like she was just a "girl from around the block" with no aspirations of her own for herself or goals for her son -- being that she sent him to "top private schools" he had to have had the grades/intelligence to enter AND remain there without his father's influence; especially, given the circumstances of her being left knocked up and alone. You go Nadine...whoever you are, you're doing right by your son and that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I know Sedale Sr through the club scene in Melbourne and all the controversial drama he had caused here also. Having read all the above comments is really disheartening. It appalls me and only confirms and brings to light all the similar things he has done here also. I feel sorry for Nadine and her son and all the other mothers and fatherless children. He does however have his other son here Sedale Jr and it's sad that he has favouritsm on his children. His son here should be talking some sense into his father and telling him he should grow up and take responsibilty. Bond an help hs other children, help them out in life as he has done for him. He is approaching 50 and still hangs out at clubs getting drunk. My father is the same age and no way in the world would he be out in a bar getting drunk and harbouring himself aorund young 20 year old girls. Especially while he has family sufferring and a girl at home. I know he used to be with a girl old enough to be his daughter, he was with her when the girl before he was with was pregnant and eventually left her for the other women he was having affairs with. One in her 20's half his age. It doesn't seem he has changed at all. It must be some kind of a condition that he should seek some professional help for. He supposedly is in a relationship but I've never seen her at the clubs with him. He's always with a friend of his that has recently moved back into the State who is known for his womanising ways and heavy drinking. So if you judge a person by the company that they keep, then should alone should say it all. Which would explain why Sedale is out of hibernation now. Quiet sad indeed. Not the family type of man at all. So why would any woman ever asscociated past or present want him in theri lives? A repsectful man is a good man, a man you stands by his family, his household and his woman. He doesn't do either of those, he puts the clubs and his friends before his relationship, his children, family and home. I don't know how the good people of his basketball club have welcomed him. He sneaks into womens homes and beds when things get tough and i;m sure leaves his girl at home wondering. I know this. Nadine sounded like she put her family, son and his interests first. He just plays all the women along so they don't keep hitting him up for money. He's a player. It's known around Melbourne he and his friend just hang out at bars at their age, collecting girls numbers, partying and drinking. It's embarrassing at that age, they're old washed up players. Why don't they get a real job and start being family men?! Where's your partner Sedale, she should be with you by your side when out late at nights in the clubs. What about your other son Sedale Jr, why aren't you doing for him what you're doing for you other son? I think if I ever see him out again I'll be sick and just want to pour my glass of drink on him!

Anonymous said...

SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!! This can't be true. I'm from the Nunawading Basketball Association where Sedale Sr coaches the mens team. He seems so nice. He's always with his longtime girlfriend, they seem so happy and in love. She's so lovely, warm and friendly, we all just love her. She's a glamour goddess and they are our own glamour couple there. They the best couple, so funny and she's so beautiful inside and out. I couldn't imagine she would even be with someone as he's been described on this website.

What is going on? Is this true? Is he tormenting this poor girl? Does he have us all fooled?

I'm stunned to think he would leave her at home hidden while he goes out and denies her existance to his friends and people at the bars. I'm stunned to think he would ignore his son and be invincible in his life? I'm stunned to hear he has so many children around the world to so many different women.

What I'm hearing is a completely different person to how we all know him at the league. We all know about his current personal life here and it's all positive, longtime beautiful girlfriend, beautiful brand new home together, great coach to his team... I'm speechless and confused; not to metioned saddened.

Anonymous said...

The recent above comment is so untrue about Sedale Sr. No one ever see's him out anymore, everybody knows he's in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend. That's why you never see him out anymore. He's happy. When he first moved to Australia and with another woman he was going out 3 times a week and doing exactly what was mentioned above, that was 2 years ago. Ever since he's been with his current love everything has changed, as has he.

I don't know either of them perosnally but people talk and the talk is she's been good for him and his life because he doesn't do what he did with the other girl.
I guess the saying is true "A man will change for the right woman".
It's sad that the other women went through tough times though. But honestly, since he got out of his relationship with the woman who had a kid to him nearly 3 years ago, he's rarely out. You can even ask his son and his friends I'm sure they'll tell you what it is.

You're more likely to find Sedale with his girlfriend on a Friday or Saturday night than at the R&B clubs with his boys like you would've a long time ago. My cousin has seen them around town together on various occassions at more prestigious venues than the ones he used to hang out at.

Just thought I'd add my bit in as it's inappropriate for people to be writing false things about him and what he's not doing now. I can't comment on all the other stuff that happened in the States because that's not my business. That seems like quite personal stuff that should only be discussed privately, not on the internet.

Anonymous said...

It seems like to me that this woman has remained silent and kept her business private for over two decades. From reading everything at the top of this blog, it looks like the 'internet attack' was was against her and not the other way around. It appears that Sedale Sr's friends and associates have started, rather initiated this blog in attack against someone they don't know, Sedale Jr.'s mother, Ms. Jackson. It seems like her family and friends have come to give a clearer picture of 'the other side of the story' from their personal and direct experiences; presenting, as several people wrote, the public "Facts", without calling Sedale Sr. names or using profanity and vulgar language -- as I've read Sedale Sr.'s affiliates have unjustifiably about his son's mother.

People can change over the years and hopefully for the better. It appears that Sedale Sr. has done a lot of changing and hopefully maturing -- and good luck to him and his new family. However, these changes don't eliminate the past that must be dealt with by the father and son at this point; especially now that his son is an adult of his own.

Everything that I've read here and online in several newspapers, it reads like his son "loves" his father, and doesn't hold any grudges for the past or present; he just doesn't "like" his father's handling of parenthood -- which includes him and all his half-siblings. I wish his son at Lehigh well in handling the emails and letters he is receiving from other children claiming to be his father's offsprings and his half-sister or brother, and I hope that Nadine has taken the necessary steps to protect Sedale Jr.'s identity as him being the son and NOT the father in the event of future wage attachments or tax interceptions (should he come back to the States to work and needs to file his taxes) due to nonsupport by the other mothers that Sedale Sr. is not supporting. I say this only because as many newspapers wrote, he was arrested and sent to prison for nonsupport of...I think I read, 6 children in different states at the time, and not just Nadine Jackson (although this blog seems to only target her).

Their son is drawing national attention first off due to HIS accomplishments in football, and then his father's name. As an alum of Lehigh and a long time financial contributor to the college, I have a right to know what the school is spending the monies on (i.e. scholarships, administration, building repair, etc.). Since indirectly (even as a tax payer via his receiving Financial Aid for the past 4 yrs.) I am helping to pay for Sedale Sr.'s son's education from the monies all of us send to the school, I think I can say that I am PROUD to help support Sedale Jr. and his mother with his educational costs.

I don't know his father and I don't personally know his mother, but I've seen her in those stands cheering her son on AND the whole Lehigh football team on with LOUD cheerleading songs! (smile) I found it amazing her voice NEVER went hoarse! She appears to be such a supportive mother. I heard that one time she drove to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts with pre-cooked food in the car to feed the house of players Sedale Jr. lived with. Now that's a dedicated mom!

All and all, Nadine shouldn't be trashed online or otherwise. Sedale Sr. shouldn't be trashed either. However, if he wasn't there for his son, don't blame his mother. Sedale Sr.'s son is a grown man and Sedale Sr. could have come to his son's football games at Lehigh during the past four years. Junior graduates in a month (May 2008), perhaps his father will show up for his graduation Let's keep our fingers crossed! I know his son would have loved to hear and see him cheering for him in the stands and greeting him after the game on the field. We all love Sedale Jr. and his mother has done one helluva job raising him on her own.

I remember overhearing his mother at a tailgate party last fall before the game when asked by another mother who read the Alum Spring 1997 article about Sedale Jr. asked his mother, "How do you do it all and raise such a fine youngman?"

Do you want to know what she replied?! She gave credit to EVERYONE in her's and Sedale's lives and quoted an old proverb, "'It takes a village to raise a child'. God sent us a lot of villagers to step into both of our lives when we needed it most. I couldn't have done it completely on my own."

It appears that Ms. Jackson is happy. It appears that Sedale Sr. is happy. It appears that Sedale Jr. is happy and we wish him God's blessing in the upcoming NFL Draft or NFL Free Agency or Canadian League.

It appears that Sedale Sr. was not the "right man" for Ms. Jackson AND that Ms. Jackson was not the "right woman" for Sedale Sr.; HOWEVER they were the "right parents" for Sedale Jr., because ultimately God would not have allowed conception it to happen -- producing one fine young man and son.

All and all, everything worked out according to HIS predestined plan, and for the good of all involved. By the way, I have seen Sedale Jr.'s mother, and she is as gorgeous on the outside as she appears on the inside. Now that she has time to 100% concentrate on her own future and career, I am confident she will succeed in life and love -- find a strong and supportive "Mr. Right" or "man of her dreams" that will love, motivate, support,m and encourage her and Sedale Jr. as if Jr. were his very own son. This young man is definitely not hard to admire and love.

Remember we CAN'T choose our parents or relatives, but we CAN choose how we love and forgive them.


Anonymous said...

Haa, haaa! That must be "it"!!! I am the writer who asked the question what "threat" not "Threatt" that must have brought the "mother bear" out of Nadine to protect her "cub" (Sedale Jr.) and NOT the "baby's daddy" or father (via recently interviewing with various reporters and newspapers) after over two decades of complete silence. Since I do not know her or either Sedale Sr. or Jr. (from Lehigh), the previous blogger's comment makes the most logical sense for someone of Nadine's apparent professional background (financial investment banking requires analytical / logical thinkers).

How much do you want to bet that the "threat" was from all the abandoned / "half-sisters and brothers" reaching out to the only connection they have here in the States of their supposed "father" by emailing Sedale Jr. at Lehigh?! I bet Nadine is not in a position to straddle the road so-to-say with both father and son in an effort to save face or privacy from public scrutiny. She's probably decided to stand by her son, "PROTECTING" her "cub" by clarifying and indentifying that Sedale Jr. (in the United States) is THE SON AND NOT THE FATHER of these kids, nor the former lover of their mothers. She probably had to make a public statement and announce that "Big Papa" was not there nor did she receive consistent support from him (and apparently nothing for college) that would distinguished the two or three since both the Sedale Jr. in Australia and Sedale Sr. also in Australia are beyond the reach of the state and federal laws and prosecuters or lawyers or school administrators in the United States. Her son, Sedale Jr. here in the U.S.A. is open "game" for prosecution if she does NOT "protect his identity", as the previous Lehigh Alum wrote.

By our federal law not only wage attachments or tax refund interceptions can or may accur (if the mothers file correctly), but this is for ANY father who is (I think my number is correct) $5,000 or more behind in child support, it will be reported to the various credit bureaus and it will screw up their credit reports from the different agencies to purchase nice houses, cars, furniture, etc. The father MUST pay back their outstanding child support(s) in order for each of them (because Sedale Sr. was in court for multiple accounts of nonsupport) to be removed.

I don't know her, but I will put my life's savings and 401k retirement on this "threat" to be the future and well being of her son ("cub") as the reason for her "coming out of hybernation". The past "sins" or "mistakes" of the father should NOT be placed upon the son or any of his children. I bet she is guaranteeing the identification and seperation of father and son should her son go into professional sports: NFL or Canadian League. I bet she had to make a stand for the love of her heart and life, and she chose her son and not the father.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I am not affiliated with Ms. Jackson or Mr. Threatt Sr., but just out of couriosity I have been clicking on this blog on and off for the past couple of weeks. I decided to add my overall opinion from an outside perspective over a cup of coffee and before I begin my work day. Since I don't know anyone I am taking this blog to be that of addressing child support. I am sorry that it is at the expense of both of these parents situation.

Let me say upfront, forgive any and all typos or incorrect use of the english language. Neither of these are my strong points. I concluded from the Lehigh alum that he or she must have meant "Spring 2007" and not "Spring 1997" because young Sedale Jr. could not have been there at that time given this is his senior year at Lehigh. So I figured it would be best to admit upfront that I make typos and ask your forgiveness.

As an older divorced mother of two, I can not say I am a "single parent" because my ex-husband is and will always be a treasured gem in my life and that of all his children. We were college sweethearts and married after we graduated. He already had a child by his high school sweetheart. We had a good relationship with her and I would help out with babysitting his love child with her. My husband financially supported his other son until his highschool sweetheart married and her husband adopted their son and gave him his last name. My exhusband took care of our two children with the same commitment he did his first child.

After being married for 10 years we knew we weren't meant to be together but decided to stay together for until both of our kids graduated high school. Since the last child's graduation we have divorced and he is remarried and has started another family. He has enough love in him to share with all his kids and loves and supports all his previous children as well as his new child with the same commitment to being a father to them all. Call me crazy, but I even babysit for him and her on occassion because he gives me the same respect as the other mothers of his children and his friends and other children must respect me too. He is such a loving man.

I appologize for the long intro. I have many friends who are single parent mothers who tell me tell me how fortunate I am. They tell me stories of how the father of their children avoid paying support or contact with thier children. One father even puts everything he "owns" in his different girlfriends' names at the time when he is seeing them. Yet another tells me how her daughter's father avoids federal detection by laundering his money from his overseas accounts. He and his friends bring in thousands of dollars in cash every year when they come back from vacationing overseas where their accoutns are.

I said all that to say, I am grateful and love my exhusband for being the man, father, and friend in my life and that of all his kids. I am going to share some of the facts in this article as it pertains to legally getting financial assistance for my friends children from there fathers. Again I am sorry for this situation with Ms. Jackson and Mr.. Threatt, but by gleaning child support information from whats written by various people I am able to supply information to my friends who share in Ms. Jackson's experience.

When I shared some of the previous statements of how our legal system steps in to enforce the noncustodial parent's financial participatoin on state and national levels, it made me proud as a tax paying American that in our country our tax dollars are being spent to help these kids and moms. It aslo made me proud that no one is above the law even high profile celebrities must be and will eventually be held accountable for their actions past and present.

I know this is bizzar but thank you for sharing this very unfortunate situation instead of tucking it away. I am glad we have freedom of speech and as voting citizens we can tell our Senators or Congressmen well done with our federal and state tax dollars for those mothers who are not abusing the system and are able to receive financial assistance -- be it for day to day living expenses for the children or education, well done political leaders. Be assured that the "important aspects" of this family's story will help other fatherless children and mothers. The "emotional aspects" are for the Jackson Threatt family to deal with.

Its nice to read all the blogs that support both mother and dad. You can tell that both of them are well loved by their family and friends who quickly came to both their defenses.

Good luck and God bless you both Ms. Jackson and Mr. Threatt!

Anonymous said...

To the older woman who wrote the previous comment, THANK YOU for correcting my error. Below is the link:

Anonymous said...

The man is an impostor and his life is and always be filled with drama, compulsive lies and deception. He leaves a trail of scorned women behind wherever he goes; all around the world in fact. He plays the victim in every case, of course in his twisted mind every woman is in the wrong. He cheats on the women he impregnates, blames them they set him up, despises them, dumps them after the baby is born, moves on and in with another woman for a few years, eventually leaves her and goes back to the woman he cheated on pregnant and left in the first place, then the cycle begins all over again. He always goes back begging to the women who threw him out, some man! His usual run is about one and half years with one woman then he moves on. If any woman thinks he will change for them, they are fooling themselves. This is a man who uses women, will ALWAYS cheat on them and will always be on the run from them once they realize he has used them financially, left them in debt, been consistently unfaithful and a straight up compulsive liar.

This is a warning from one woman to another. Women should stick together and this is merely a warning so that you are not the woman left behind with broken dreams, in debt, lied to and seeing a therapist on a weekly basis for the damage he has done. You don't want to be that woman for yourself or for your child!

Note to Nadine and her son Sedale Jr, you don't know how much better off you are without him in your life. God has blessed you by removing him from your existence. As sad it must be to not have a father around, he will never be the father you dream of having. He is sick and will never live a fruitful joyous loving honest life.
You are not alone; there are so many other of his kids living without him while he happily continues to live without them. Know that you have the best father of all, The Father of all fathers, God. God is your father and know that as long as you believe and keep Him in your heart, mind and prayers, He will NEVER abandon you. You are His child, a child of God.

I'm sure in some cases he may have been set up but I'm also sure in some other cases there have been some good women that he did wrong by. They believed his pathetic lies, promises and hopes and dreams of the future he painted for them. I know that in many corners of the world you will undoubtedly find a woman scorned by him.

It's unbelievable how deceitful and full of lies this man is. No soul, substance or spirit to him. Pure intent of hurting, using and lying to women. You only need to ask any woman of any kind of involvement with him past or present and they'll tell you. Promises of marriage, kids, money, the future. Beware of his false charm, this man has an ulterior motive and no remorse for any of his disgusting actions. It is only a matter of time before his world comes crashing down and the walls start caving in on him. It is like a domino effect, it will happen one by one. For Our God will punish such individuals, have faith in that.

He can run and keep running from country to country but he will always be hunted. He is so sick he believes his own lies, he gets that detailed in his lies he will manipulate you to believe you are at fault and crazy. He will tell you he is not involved with a person you may suspect and that he has not seen or heard from them for months/years, only to find out that he is secretly involved with them. He calls every other girl a skank, including you to other women and is playing you all at the same time. He will tell you what you want to hear, he is very good at that, he is a professional Con-Artist. What kind of life is that live? Always on the run, owing money, cheating, lying, having kids, how exhausting!

He has left kind good women, homeless, out of packet, in debt and left them to deal with it while he has run to another woman he'd kept on the side the entire time to shelter him. In return he will tell you he loves you, call you 20 times a day, pour on the charm, love and lies about the dream home he will buy you, your false future together and sell you the Cinderella fairytale ending love story.

This man you love will turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Even if he does marry you, he still will not change. What kind of a life is that?

Do your research, why didn't his marriages last? Why have none of his relationships lasted? Even to the good ones, not the ones who have already been around the block and back even with his own friends and single mothers who have had his kid hanging out clubs waiting for him still, those types of women he will always go back to you can count on that because he will never respect them. He never did why would he now. What man cheats on his pregnant girlfriend and many times too? Dumps her for the other woman and then she takes him back. Why do you think it would last when his marriage didn't and there a children left behind there too? Money keeps him there only for a short while. He is a gold digger as much as the women he accuses that of being.

For the good women with kids or without, that he left behind, you are the ones that have suffered and been burnt and too good for him. Know that he should hang his head in shame and will fabricate how drama free and great his life is in lie, but it is to you he will not return because he knows the only ones he will run back to or that will take him, are the women who are dumb enough and that he is happy to use again because he knows that is all they are good for.

Don't waste your time on tears, after he's hurt you he doesn't spend a minute thinking about you, your hurt and your struggle now. He is lying in bed with someone else doing and saying all the things he was to you just days before he left you. He doesn't have a conscience so don't bother searching for answers why it happened to you, it is him the way he has lived his entire life. He had a few chances with good nice women and threw it away for tramps, his friends who hang out at bars and drinking. Let him answer to the Man above one day when his day is up. He believes God forgives him, uh not when you do the same thing over and over and over and over again He doesn't. You can confess your sin and ask for forgiveness but God does not forgive when there is no lesson learnt and nor remorse.

I just feel really sorry for his latest victim. It is the most tragic one of all and to a good Christian girl too, a nice girl the total package that he would quote to a friend of his as "perfect 10" and "I would never leave that woman". The lies and grief he put her and her family through.

How can he rip people off like that financially too, all around the world. He is so sneaky. He spends all day on the phone talking to all his women and they think they’re the only one. When you can’t through on his phone or he won’t pick up that’s because he’s talking to another girl, face the facts. It is what it is.

Isn't he embarrassed to face the parents of the kids who take his camps? The people of the basketball league?

He will never be happy. It's just sad for the women he fooled and wasted their time with years of false hope and dreams.

Don't be caught up in his web of deception you are only just another girl to him that will end up in the long line up of ex’s.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That last comment/blog was a masterpiece, it was as if it was an article or something that Carrie Bradshaw would write up in her column.

I agree, he is a pathological liar. I actually believe that he has a problem.

Anonymous said...

Way too much time on your hands. Would it be so bold of me to assume the same girl has nearly written this whole blog.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe people write such rubbish or even bother. You can tell it is so made up too because if people knew him, person involved or situations they would know this is really a load of crap. I honestly just think it's groupie girls who wish they were with him or just want to cause trouble. Too much time on their hands. I can safely say neither he or his lady even read or know about this sites, that's what's funny. So why people even bother is really just such a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

You can view latest pics of Sedale doing his thing in the club, which of course is drinking and chasing young girls. Click on the link or copy and paste it:

and check out the photos in the pics. Not a good image at all to be portraying but that's Sedale, double jacks all night long and chasing young girls and the man is in his true form!

Anonymous said...

I guess that's why they have restraining orders. To try and stop certain individuals constantly harassing and writing rubbish about other people. If any of his children have the misfortune of coming accross this blog know that almost all of it has been written by someone who didn't get along with your father. He might not be perfect but I'd like to know who on earth is.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on this blog because people are so quick to make opinions on people and situations before they actually take the time out to understand what is actually going on. People need to first and foremost read the article before making a comment and then people need to understand that the only reason this is being brought up now is not because Ms. Jackson is looking to cash in or that she is bitter, the article was written because Sedale Threatt Jr. is an outstanding college quarterback. He just so happens to bare the same name as his father so many people and reports like to ask him about his father. Sedale Jr. is a very private person and doesn't like to discuss his father too offend but when the press asks if his dad help him become the man/athlete his is now, people are surprise to hear that a heralded athlete "who they thought they knew" was never around to raise his son. Many people who know of Sr. but have never met him just assume he was a great guy and could never do any wrong, Jr. just wants to give all the created to his mother for making him the man he is today. He doesn't even want to bash the man who turned his back on him. His mother is wonderful and Jr. is one of the greatest persons' you could met. Many people have commented about Sr. and Ms. Jackson but few have wrote what it must have been like for Jr. growing up knowing who is father was not being apart of his life. Every young boys wants and needs that love from his father but he never received it, that is why he and his mother are best friends. He is very close to her and she did an amazing job raise Sedale Jr. by herself.

Believe it people not all of are sport-stars are spotless, just be glad his son had a strong mother who didn't need a man to raise a son.

Anonymous said...

Sedale Threatt Jr is wonderful young man and his mother did a tremendous job raising him. He represents all that his father is not and ever be. Credit is to be given to both Nadine and her son for being wonderful respectful human beings. In regards to his father, I have nothing to say he does not deserve his name to be even be mentioned. He can live and pay for his own guilt and actions because it will catch up with him one day. Congratulations Nadine and Sedale Jr, I am so proud to know you and say you are my friends. You have moved on in life and accomplished so much, Sedale Sr is still continuing to live his life as he did 20 yrs ago and even more worse. It's disgusting he doesn't deserve to be in your lives. Let him stay in Australia, as America became a better place without him! Just feel sorry for the women that are going through it now. You Nadine were blessed and your son is blessed to have you. The victims are the children and the women.

Anonymous said...

Sedale is not a trusthworthy and honest human being. That fact is quite common here in America as is the reason why he left in the first place without any solicitation. Forums like this in a sense to a degree can be informative and life saving to some as they can reveal a person's character and past. His (bad)reputation is well known here and sadly it sounds he has continued to carry it all the way to foreign shores.

The stories expressed by the various individuals is true and fact, you only need to obtain copies of U.S. court records on all his drama. Criminal history, jail time and all round bad character.

People are not perfect but most people try to live their lives dillegently, without deception and drama. A mistake is something you make once or twice then learn from it and correct it. A mistake and the same pattern of mistakes made intentionally continuously is not classified as a mistake. In no country or in any language in any psychology book will it teach you that a mistake made repeatedly is acceptable. Especially when there is no lesson learned and no feeling of remorse. Yes we all make mistakes but learn from them and try not to make them again, that's when we are forgiven.

This blog began from an intervew his son gave about his thoughts or lack of about his father. So his older children are aware of the person he is. It is also nothing new that here in his home country that people don't already know, you only need to mention his name and see people's reaction and here comments. It is a laughing joke that he is the one who needs a restraining order on him. We can't believe he's gone to another country and trying to pull those stunts there. He cannot be serious. He would not be able to do that here with his reputation and track record, a judge would deem him insane. When a woman continually calls a man it is usually with good reason. Especially in his case; they must be involved with him, chasing money from him or something of sort. Women in America are still looking for him for similar reasons.

People should be made aware and beware of him. How can evrey women be wrong about him? I don't think every woman he's ever known intimately can be wrong and crazy as he claims. No wait I bet he calls them stalkers right? He did that here too folks. He goes from being in a relationship with them (him being the stalker) calling them all day long, until one of his other ladies finds out about one of the others and then he classifies them as a stalker and crazy to cover his own butt. Yet the day before he calls you a stalker he was happy to be in you home and bed right? Ladies relax he did that in the U.S. too so don't look for excuses for him or think he'll change, not possible.

Happen to know a child of his also through a school I once taught at and believe me they what he is like, they have accepted it. It doesn't bother them anymore because he has never been around in their life like a real father should be. They hear these stories all the time and are always being contacted by women, children and people who are looking for him.

It has been cruel and unkind to name call Sedale Jr's mother, the other women who wrote on this site and put Sedale Threatt Sr in an angelic light with a halo above his head. Good people have been hurt and not because they didn't get along with him, but the reason they did get along with him and were deceived by him. He just needs to take responsibilty for his actions and stop placing the blame on all the women past and present and that he has never done anything wrong. There are many of his children living daily lives without a father, women scorned by trusting him, left destituted and disadvantaged. Is this the price one pays for love?

People passing harsh judgement on Nadine, his son, other women, please I only urge you to find out the truth and ask. Ask every woman he's been involved with, ask for their story not just his. You just might be surprised with what you may actually hear, see and believe.

Turning a blind eye to his side affairs is no way to live nor a healthy environment to raise a child in. Spending the rest of your life going through his email and text's, warning off women, looking over shoulder, wandering where he is when he doesn't answer his phone, or finding out he has more than 1 or 2 phones, is not way for any woman to live who has any self respect for herself. That's why women like Nadine and the other mothers of his children doing it on their own are to be admired and respected because they have respect for themselves and their children to do it without him. Just might be nice for at least every now then to him to fly back here to America and see the rest of children not just his 2 young ones in AZ. Even to send a birthday card, send a gift at Christmas time, a phone call, something. It is never too late for a parent to reach out to his own flesh and blood and repair years of damage before leaving this earth. Asking for forgiveness to his children he has cut out or ignored, asking for forgiveness to people, mothers, ex girlfriends and family he has hurt, damaged and done wrong by.

That is all I read between the lines in this entire page, people have been left with no closure and still harbour some hurt. We all can learn to forgive you Sedale but you need to help yourself first and acknowledge a lifetime of mistakes and wring doings and try to begin the repair works. Mostly we just want you to acknowledge all your children and take some responsibilty. You must now take responsibilty for you actions. You knew what you were doing if you didn't want children you should've worn a condom. You can't keep claiming you were set up every time, don't you think after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time it happened you would've learnt? Wear protection, it's not rocket science.

Nobody was looking on cashing in by having your child, if they were they wouldn't have struggled trying to raise your kids on their own.

Anonymous said...

I've only just come across all this stuff about Sedale Snr and it is all a bit perplexing. Perhaps in Australia we are just too naive or really not that interested in the apparently sordid past of Sedale. He certainly is a different person to that painted in many comments and articles I've read.
Like Anonymous on 4/3/08, I too am connected with Nunawading Spectres club, which has been one of the strongest clubs in suburban Melbourne since the 'sixties.
I've sat behind him and his team for almost all of the games over the past three years he has coached the men's SEABL team (though without a great deal of success so far).
True, I don't know much about him personally nor do I mix with him socially, but his domestic life here in Melbourne seems to indicate little difference to anyone else. He certainly does meet with and socialise with other African-American players playing in the leagues around Australia but outwardly he exhibits the affects of having a steady relationship and home life.
I wouldn't attempt to discuss any of the matters brought up in the previous comments or the stories that circulate. Perhaps they are true and may be potentiially damning to him. The moral issues are important but the fact is that few people here are aware of these facts and I don't think anyone is about to change that.


FIRST of all, there is only ONE Sedale Threatt Jr. and he is NOT the one who has been casting stones. The third Sedale is really Sedale III, claiming the fame and should carry himself out as such and stop stealing the rights of the first born Sedale. All of you are sick and need to see a psychiatrist for not moving forward in life. I wish I had just $1 for all the words and time put into spending so much time trashing one of God's children. No one is perfect and NONE of you have been appointed by the Lord to speak so negatively against another human being. Repent all you sinners and ask for forgiveness and so ye shall be forgiven for judging. It seems like you all need prayer to spend your time and energy assisting someone in your community who could use your help by speaking and bringing positivity in this world. Stop the madness and forgive - you'll feel a whole lot better.

Katie said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hm, interesting blog. I have to say that when it comes to naming a child and receiving court directed child support; especially across states, the father HAD TO have signed off on the child's name -- meaning the mother would have had to present legally signed documents (court sealed and notarized) to the courts in the state she moved to. Given the way that Sedale Sr. has been identified and confirmed as a "Damn good" womanizer with various "flavors of the month" by the previous writer, Katie, who states she's his daughter -- if Sedale Sr.'s character has not changed since then, I wonder if 25 years go, that either of the Sedale Jrs mothers knew of each other or that they named the child the same....probably not.

I guess only Daddy actually knew when he HAD TO SIGN those papers to confirm not only parternity and the other Jr's name, but to start paying support through the courts.

From reading some of the earlier blogs, I don't know if it occurred to Ms. Jackson, but with Sedale Sr. being so inconsistent in his payments, she should have had a wage attachment on his pay checks from the different NBA teams he played on.

You know what's even more interesting about this blog is that people here are only picking on Ms. Jackson and Sedale Jr. Wasn't it like 5 to 6 other mothers in different states who had warrants issued for Sedale Sr's arrest when he was arrested for non-support? The newspaper said that ALL of those mothers were paid too. Wasn't the total sum over $150,000 or something like that? So why are you people just targetting Sedale Jr and his mother Ms. Jackson? He was behind in child support payments for all of those kids and each mother who had the courts issue warrants for Sedale Sr's arrest got a piece of the pie to financially help them with his kids.

Well, I'm signing out. I was just searching the net to catch up on Sedale Jr playing FOOTBALL and stumbled on this. You know, Sedale Jr is making his own path in life. He's not trying to follow in his fathers footsteps by playing basketball, so I don't understand how the other blogger wrote he was stealing his fame.

Sedale Jr is only 1/4 known for being a son of a former NBA player, but he's 3/4 known as an exciting FOOTBALL player, great and dependable friend -- this is the "fame" he is most popular for AND what's written about in 9/8 of newspapers, magazines, tv interviews talk and write about.

This is HIS FAME that he earned by taking all those hits, running and throwing the ball on the football field, absolutely nothing to do with his father or mother nor the basketball court.

I'm proud of you Dale. Hang in there bro! It's like these folks only read ONE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE about you when there are hundreds out there, yet they only want to harp on this one. Don't worry Dale, myself and none of the guys have ever heard you say you hated your dad. People here are just reading into the story what they want to read...that's not what the article says.

Later...I'll be following your games on television or online. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It sounds more like 50% biological "father" and if he wasn't there for Sedale Jr as a "daddy" during his childhood this percentage drops drastically. This is the same for thousands upon thousands of kids all around the world whose fathers are MIA or gone A-WALL.

I think the article on June 19, 2009 regarding fatherhood by President Obama hits home (by the way his "daddy" and later his "mother" abandunded him too and he grew up being raised by a strong woman, his grandmother):

QUOTE: Obama often speaks candidly about his own childhood growing up without his father, who left him and his mother when Obama was 2-years-old, and has issued strong words for men who do not live up to their responsibilities

ARTICLE: President Obama Promotes Fatherhood, Responsibility On Father's Day Weekend, the President Highlights the "Irreplaceable Influence" Fathers Have

Whoever started this blog, are you going to start malicious blogs about all of Sedale Sr's kids and their mothers in order to defend your friend Sedale Sr just like you've done to his child and son Sedale Jr and his mother Ms Jackson? Or are you and others going to only try to tare down those of his kids and their mothers who make something of their lives WITHOUT the parental influence of Sedale Sr and/or minimal financial support from him?

If this young lady who says she is his daughter can write a blog here that is entitled "SENT FROM GOD" and that says that her apparent father and Daddy is a DAMN GOOD WOMANIZER with a bunch of "flavors of the month", to be fair with all of his kids, are you people now going to attack her and her mother or start a new blog about her and her mother?

It seems like all that Sedale Jr and his mother said a couple of years ago was that Sedale Sr "was not there for little Sedale during his childhood" and that she and he had to fend for themselves. This is a helluva lot gentler than what his apparent daughter above has just written about her father. Yet, just like Sedale Jr, she states that she too LOVES their father despite any of his shortcomings as a DADDY.

THEY BOTH LOVE SEDALE SR and are beening quoted as saying just that. So why all the hype against only one of his kids, Sedale Jr, who has made and is making a name for himself on and off the field of football without the help of his father?

Why are you haters jumping down Sedale Jr's throat just because he is and has only been acknowledging his mother as the strong woman who stuck around and sacraficed to raise him, and who fills both roles as a loving parent in his life?

There are thousands upon thousands of mothers out there who get Mother's & Father's Day cards because Daddy is missing in action.

Happy Mother's and Father's Day Ms. Jackson!! After reading all this garbage, you can tell that you and Sedale Jr must really be two strong minded and determined individuals with tons of class and of integrity.

YOU raised your son well.

Anonymous said...

Here's another good article of President Obama speaking on Fathers, those who are so by biological means only vs.
Dads, who take responsibility and are active in all aspects of their children's lives:

ARTICLE: June 15, 2008

Obama Tells Black Dads: Have the Courage to Be a Father
Democratic Presidential Hopeful Says Too Many 'Abandoned Their Responsibilities'

Anonymous said...

Good lord you all are sooo boring blah blah blah.why don't you build a bridge and get over it.

Anonymous said...

I was a classmate of Nadine from back in the day. Just to state for the record she was no Jenny From Around The Block. All the records she held statewide and nationally spoke for themselves. And like someone else wrote, some of those records lasted over 20 yrs. Sedale Sr had nothing to do with her fame. She was already an Olympic contender in her own right. Back in the 70's women in sports didn't have much of a future as a professional career as it does now.

Although I do not know her son Sedale Jr, I've read a bunch of articles about him and he sounds like a wonderful young man.

I don't know Sedale Jr's father, but it sounds like during his youth he was running around sowing his oats and now his youthful carelessness catching up with him. He more and likely lived a double life. One face before the public and close friends, but another face to women and selected children of his in his personal life. To me this is what all the controversy is about Sedale Sr's character. He lived a double life and now both sides are being revealed, and neither side can believe the other because they've both been duped by him for so long.

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason the public draw to this blog is basically the friends and family members of the people that creator of this blog chose to write about (be it good bad or indifferent), is the LOVE and LOYALTY each side's friends and family members have for Sedale Sr., Sedale Jr. and Nadine. Others, being the women and children that have been emotionally wounded are probably finally having a chance to speak out and they have my compassion.

Nadine is my niece and Sedale Jr. is my great-nephew. To those who are fans and loyalists to Sedale Sr., if you truly care about him, get him psychological help or into some form of 12 Step program for pathological liars. As everyone knows, in any 12 Step program, the first step is admitting (acknowledging/confession) your addiction. Another step is going back to all those you've hurt and apologizing (repenting/turning away from your addiction or bad habit). And, as member of the family, as far as I know, he has done neither.

Without betraying anyone’s trust, I want those of you who wrote about whether or not Nadine has legally signed documents about all of this Baby's Daddy Drama, the answer is YUP!! As a matter of fact, she started to throw away all the papers last year after Sedale Jr. graduated college thinking that it was finally all over. I convinced her to hold on to them and put them in storage for the proverbial “Just in case – Murphy’s Law”.

Those of you who write with pleas for folks to consider that Sedale's other children may eventually read this blog, yet like another blogger wrote, what about Sedale Jr.? He IS one of these children that the creator of this blog ironically preaches about protecting and in turn attacks him for no apparent reason other than telling the truth to the question that has been asked many times of him, 'WHERE'S DADDY?'

Or what about down the road when Sedale Jr. is blessed with children (God willing), his kids and Nadine’s grandchildren who may read this blog? Of course family members and those that love them are going to come to their public defense just as this blog is a public attack on both their characters.

Sedale Jr. simply told the truth from his own childhood experiences without his father in his life, that his daddy was never there for him; however, his mother was. Not only is this the honest truth, and we all know how that can hurt, but in spite of it all, Sedale Jr. loves his father because he was taught to love not only those who love you back, but to love unconditionally those who have repeatedly wronged you.

I agree with one of the previous bloggers and dare to say that Sedale Sr. has been living a double life, kind of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Being taken from the novel to mean, “a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next”.

Whoever started this blog, why don't you REMOVE or DELETE it if you really are concerned about protecting the children, the true victims in all of this? Why don't YOU STOP creating negative blogs about "your close friend" Sedale Sr.'s child? Kind of hypocritical wouldn't you say?

People who love all three of them (Sedale Sr., Sedale Jr. and Nadine) are always going to keep coming to their defenses for as long as you keep this blog posted. If you truly care, it is within your power to stop it. REMOVE/DELETE THIS BLOG and don't start another one.

tony liang said...

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