Thursday, December 4

Alright, Then

You know the hackneyed expression, "Oh, no he didn't!"

I think that applies here.

Oklahoma City, I'm not hatin' on you, honestly. But, man, when you're using stock footage of a group of four people ambling to your arena to show how hyped your city is for the NBA, and when your singer has to read the lyrics from his cell phone, well, maybe you just ought to go back to the drawing board on that one.

War "Not in Our House."

[courtesy of Bend it Like Bennett.]


Anonymous said...

To top it off they're using footage of the Clippers game where they were blown out by 25 points.

Anonymous said...


chunkstyle23 said...

"Seattle Fans be switchin'..."

Wishful thinking, MC Flaming Pile.

Switchin'? Oh sure, we're switchin':
- the channel to watch something less crooked. American Gladiator on ESPN Classic?
- to root for whoever's playing against OKC that night.
- to the Blazers. Well, not me, but I'm sure it's happening.
- to rooting for the entire league to go Lehman Brothers. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

"In the Casa de Sonic, you'll get left catatonic"

Step to that MC Flame!

Anonymous said...

McFlame? Is Macdonalds offering flame broiled burgers now?

Paul said...

"Oklahoma Rapper" just edged out "Christian Metal" as my new favorite oxymoron.