Tuesday, December 16

Would You Rather

Here's an interesting twist on the classic drinking game we all played at some time in our lives. Would you rather ...

Have the Sonics, but with the Thunder's current roster and record intact


Have no NBA team at all?

It's not so easy, is it? Bear in mind that the last time Oklahoma City won a home game, the stock market was at 9600 and Sarah Palin was in the running to be Vice President of the United States. Yes, it's been that bad for the good people of Oklahoma.

Begging the question, again, is miserable NBA basketball better than no basketball at all?


chunkstyle23 said...

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have my old crappy basketball team. Though I do take some pleasure every time a loss is notched in the Thunder's record, it's a macabre brand of sports fanaticism that doesn't offset the heartache of not having a team at all.

Anonymous said...

Of course crappy basketball is better than no basketball. For the time being you can watch LeBron, Kobe, Dwyane Wade, and every top tier star the NBA provides for road games. Plus, KD has shown a knack for carrying the team here and there. Not so much this season, but he's fun to watch. And eventually they will get better. You can't be a fan of team only when they're winning ball games. You have to be a fan through the bad times so you can appreciate the good times.

AB said...

A crappy team is significantly better than no team. I have found myself watching less NBA with no Seattle team. I used to be excited to see Sonics games even when they sucked like last year, simply because they were "my" team. Hard to feel the same way about anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"Begging the question, again, is miserable NBA basketball better than no basketball at all?"

Yes, it is. I shall drink to that!

Anonymous said...

i'd rather have my crappy team back. like seattlegoodness and aron said, at least it's your team and you can't just support a team when they're good. i've been saying this to my friends all season, I miss my crappy team.

as of late most nba for me has been just cheering my fantasy players

pg said...

One thing that I loved about the Sonics was the pride that they had in putting a good product on the floor.

It was exciting, quality basketball.

That was absent in their last few years here--I think, on purpose, to decimate the fan base to grease the rails to help them move.

I wouldn't want to support a product or a producer of a product that not only wasn't good, but that didn't give a damn.

So, I'll buck the trend here and say that I don't miss the Thunder.

I miss the Sonics.

But you can't bring them back, so, I'll deal with being lonely, rather than being miserable.