Wednesday, May 27

30 Years Ago: Game 3

30 Years Ago (from what used to be

May 27, 1979

"The Sonics returned home looking to maintain home-court advantage. That wasn't a problem in Game 3, as the Sonics cruised to a 105-95 victory that was in reality more lopsided. With nearly 36,000 fans packing the Kingdome, the Sonics took a lead as large as 17 and were never seriously threatened. Williams again led the way with 31 points, but the big game came from Dennis Johnson, who fell an assist and a rebound shy of a triple-double, settling for 17 points, nine rebounds and nine assists. Sikma had 21 points and 17 boards. On the other side, Washington got 70 points from Dandridge, Hayes and Unseld, but just 25 from the rest of the team. The Bullets shot 25% in the first half, just 33% for the game."


Commando Dave said...

Speaking of "30 Years Ago," I'm throwing a '79 SuperSonics Party @ SuperSonics30.comIt won't be a party without the SuperSonicSoul Crew, so come on down and party like it's 1979!

nuss said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Dave. This is one of those times when I wished I lived in Seattle, rather than 3 hours away. Paul, Raf: thoughts?

kaelinjk said...

I'm a college student in Ellensburg and I attend CWU. Apparently Ellensburg (or just the state of WA) is a lot better than OKC to go out and party and what not becaue Robert Swift was at the bars. I introduced myself and in my drunken state said man I wish you guys were still here in Seattle, and he said me f***in too man, as he's trying to lay low by dressing like a cowboy haha. Just thought that I would share this story with you guys.

ryan said...

That's funny, I saw Rick Sund at a bar last night in Ballard - he tried to trade me his full bottle of Jack Daniels for my half-empty gin and tonic. He said the glass looked like it had potential.