Sunday, July 24

H206 Charity Game Highlights

(photos by Chunkstyle)

Supersonicsoul cub-reporters Paul Merrill and Rafael "Chunkstyle" Calonzo attended the H206 Charity Game at the Key Saturday. Here's their expert analysis of the game:

PAUL MERRILL: It was the closest I've ever sat to a basketball game without actually being part of the team. Thanks for getting the tickets!

RAFAEL CALONZO: I could say I wanted to have a special bonding event with my kids, or that it was for a great charity cause, but really, I’m a sucker for cheap, up-close tickets to pro(-ish) sporting events.

PM: I admit I was a bit underwhelmed at the rosters at first (Brandon Roy in street clothes? No Sonics?!) but thought they played a hell of a no-defense, all-star type game.

RC: I figured it was unlikely they’d get any true stars like Kevin Durant or Ray Allen for The League squad, but I was really hoping for at least some guys with local connections, like Nick Collison or Jeff Green. But yes, I can’t complain, it was an entertaining exhibition game.

PM: I hadn't really seen any advertising outside of Facebook, so I was a little worried about the crowd, but back me up here, Raf--the place was packed, right?

RC: I’d say, 75-80% of the lower bowl maybe? Which honestly is good turnout for a game that was a) lacking in true star power, b) scheduled on a gorgeous summer day, the same weekend as the Block Party, and c) held three years after the Sonics left town.

PM: It really felt like old-times: a fast-paced game, awful nachos and stupid frat guys sitting behind us. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SIT BEHIND US?!

RC: It never fails. Good thing the dude-bros always shout HI-LARIOUS commentary and never, ever spill beer on me while trying to catch a free t-shirt. OH WAIT, the opposite happened.

PM: Okay, highlights time. Hawes trying to take it coast-to-coast a couple times and that near through-the-legs alley-oop were pretty great, but I think the highlight for me was seeing Sikma and Kemp sitting side-by-side coaching. Too bad they didn't put themselves in the game!

RC: I was looking for outlines of jerseys under Kemp and Sikma’s polo shirts, but all I saw was love handles. Oh well. There was good dunkage and dribbly showboating regardless.

PM: I don't know about you, but I'd like to see an old-timers game next time. What would you add or change if you were in charge?

RC: DUDE, an old-timers game would totally pack the house. Heck, if the only guys you could get were GP, Reign Man and the Tahoma Junior High JV squad, it would pack the house. I would rig the rules so that for the last 2 minutes of each quarter, the eight other guys leave the floor and the game turns into "How many half-court alley-oops can Gary throw for Shawn before the buzzer?”

PM: Okay, I'm exhausted--I'm not used to being outside of the house for more than two hours. Goodnight!

RC: I think the organizers should chalk it up as a success and do it again next year, too. I’m honestly hoping that next year’s NBA season is cancelled altogether (ahem), which means folks will be even hungrier for another H206 game. Remind me to bring a rain slicker and headphones next year.


ryan said...

Nice write-up, guys. Wish I could have been there - and I'm with both of you - we want an old-timers game!!!!

(Also, who's the white guy with sunglasses on top of his head in the pictures? Doesn't look like any Sonic-guy I can remember ....)

Paul said...

Thanks Ryan. The white dude with the sunglasses on his head (and the Bruce Willis Fifth Element dye-job) is none other than esteemed sports journalist Steve Kelley from the Seattle Times.

kdoublec said...

to quote nick holt: awesome awesome

joe in renton said...

I was at the game, too, and it was a blast. Me and some friends were yelling at Shawn to get in the game, but I guess he just didn't hear us! Man, it just showed me how much this town loves the NBA and how much I miss having the Sonics around. Kinda hope the league has a lockout this year, just so everyone else knows what it's like not to have hoops for a year.