Wednesday, July 13

Sonics Taskforce Meets

(From multiple sources):

Rep. Mike Hope of Lake Stevens, Wa. stated via press release Tuesday that the Sonics Taskforce held its first meeting on Monday, exploring various funding and location options for an NBA/NHL arena to be located in the Greater Seattle area. The task force is a bi-partisan group of elected officials, with the goal of finding a way to create a new home for an NHL or NBA franchise. Per Rep. Hope:

Funding professional sports teams is not the responsibility of the tax-payers. We will only move forward with a plan that benefits our economy, adds revenue to our cities and brings new opportunities to WA State without costing the tax-payers money.
Parse away.

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Anonymous said...

Was anyone invited to this meeting other than politicians? Why the release AFTER instead of letting fan with ideas join the discussion? Just seems weird and press-focused to me.