Wednesday, July 27

Lenny Wilkens/Spencer Haywood Chat

It's worth a read (via The Seattle Times). I thought it was nice of Spencer to wait three minutes and 38 seconds before bringing up the wet floor incident, beating his previous record of four minutes and 17 seconds. Oh, and to bring it up again 30 minutes later was extra classy.

Two choice tidbits:

1. Lenny: "The current NBA business model doesn't work because of huge guaranteed contracts. Lots of teams make mistakes on talent, and then they're stuck with the contract for its duration. That penalizes a lot of teams who are over the salary cap."

Cough, MLB, cough.

2. Spencer:
I go into the Hall of Fame in 2012, and I would love to be a Sonic and see a Sonic team here.

Whoa ... Hold the phone. Spencer Haywood is going into the Hall of Fame? Anybody know anything about this? If what he's saying is true, then Haywood just broke a huge story on a Seattle Times chat.

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