Tuesday, November 1

George Karl Talking Sonics

The Denver Nuggets' website has been running a series of interviews with George Karl, each focusing on a different year of Karl's amazing coaching career.

Naturally, a large chunk of those clips are focused upon Karl's work in Seattle, and ... wait, did you think this was going to be about the Sonics/Nuggets series? Seriously, how much self-loathing do you think I have? Do you think I flail myself while looking at a poster of Dikembe Mutombo every night before bed? Still?

No, no, no. This particular video covers the Sonics' great run in the 1993 playoffs, as they knocked off Utah and Houston before falling to Phoenix (and their two "helpers") in the Western Conference Finals.

To me, the most amazing part is Karl's incredible ability to recollect facts from those games, nearly 20 years later. More than anything, it illustrates the gap between fan and participant; as fans we enjoy these games, then go about our lives afterwards, but to those involved closely, they are their lives. The fact Karl was able to recall that the Sonics scored only 30 points in the first half and followed it up with 70 in the second half of Game 5 against Utah is marvelous (you can see the box score here).

If nothing else, check out the video to see Sam Perkins hit multiple threes. It will forever remain a mystery to me how that shot never got blocked.

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