Friday, November 18

O really?

Not related to basketball, but there's an article on Deadspin that Supersonicsoul scribe and University of Oregon fanatic Pete Nussbaum should think about while watching his favorite team play this weekend . . .

The New York Times shared an important revelation out of Eugene, Ore. yesterday, and we wanted to pass it on because we are immature: the spade-shaped Oregon "O" that Ducks fans so enthusiastically make to show support for the team means "vagina" in American Sign Language.

Read the rest on Deadspin.

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PN said...

I'm sorry, I must have missed that article while I WAS READING ABOUT THE DUCKS' NEXT CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Eat that, Husky suckaz!

Seriously, that O thing is embarrassing. A real Duck fan uses the traditional two-fingers-pinched-together-in-the-form-of-a-guy-toking-up gesture.