Monday, November 28

The NBA takes basketball away from Seattle AGAIN!

Even LeBron feels our pain. 

As if taking our team away wasn't enough, the stupid NBA ended their stupid strike over the stupid weekend, thus killing the closest thing we'll have to pro basketball in Seattle for a while.

Due to a weekend agreement ending the NBA lockout, and players reporting to training camps on December 9, the Jamal Crawford H206 Classic scheduled to take place December 15 at the Alaska Airlines Arena at the University of Washington has been canceled.  All tickets purchased will be refunded by noon this Thursday, December 1st.  Crawford and A PLUS Youth Program are discussing possible dates for a rescheduled summer 2012 game.  Updates will be given via the H206 website ( and via Facebook and Twitter (FB: Hoops 206 Charity Basketball Classic) (@jcrossover and @hoops206).    

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kdoublec said...

They gave me a full refund and I can't blame Jamal for trying but screw the NBA, don't ever come back now. So ridiculous.