Monday, February 13

Dirty Danny

The Sonics may not be racking up many wins on the court this year, but they racked up this important notice in Sports Illustrated: 2 of the 3 dirtiest players in the league this year are wearing green and gold.

Danny Fortson (#1) and Reggie Evans (#3) ranked at the top of who other players thought were the worst offenders in the league. Ray Allen's favorite player, Bruce Bowen, checked in at #2.

It got me to thinking, though, where do Fort and Mr. Glass rank in Sonic history? Obviously, Frank Brickowski has to be somewhere near the top, with Lonnie Shelton possibly thrown in the top 5, and you could even throw Maurice Lucas in for good measure.


Paul said...

I would add Jerome "Garbage Bag" James, and Clem Johnson. X-man perhaps? Det was pretty dirty, but did it in that sneaky euro fashion ala Manu. Payton was kind of nasty too, for a guard.

The nastiest of all time, however, has to be John Brisker. The guy once stepped on a guy's head! In fact, we ran a little something about him last year:

John Brisker

Anonymous said...

hey, haven't been back in quite awhile here. ^___^;

hehehheheh, go fortson and reggie! ^__^ we need some muscle in here. though it's just sad that their being dirty doesn't get the job done during games. :( gah. they could totally use this to their advantage, you know?

and damn, been mighty depressed about how my supes are doing and the possibility of them leaving seattle. i mean, i've loved this since i was a kid...and their leaving seattle is like...having your wife leave you after a long marriage. :( aaaaagh!

could anyone like, give me the real scoop on the situation? like, is there seriously a possibility of them leaving? :( and if so, when would that be? i SO need to watch their last game in seattle if it does happen. BUT I HOPE IT DOESN'T! :( aaaaagh!

thanks. ;)