Friday, February 17

Future All-Star or All-Too-Scary?

As the NBA heads into All-Star Weekend, we at Supersonicsoul leave you with this to ponder: Could Robert Swift be an All-Star someday? Seriously. Also, are Robert Swift and Banjo Boy from Deliverance related? I know, it's just too scary to think about. Forget I said anything and just enjoy the game.


b_con said...

Enjoy the All Star game! HAH! Nice thought. The dunk contest is fun because my friends and I can go to an 8 foot hoop and play make believe. (If it wasn't at absolute zero outside. Having every molecule in your body completely motionless and devoid of kinetic energy makes it difficult to pull off windmills.)

Anonymous said...

My wife bought me a massive National Geographic atlas for Christmas and that linked picture of Robert Swift looks exactly like the two-page detailed photo of the moon on pages 27 and 28. I think Apollo 6 landed somewhere near his left cheekbone.