Thursday, February 23

Mr. Stern Comes to Olympia

As he does every year, NBA Commissioner David Stern spent Trade Deadline Day in Olympia, at the Ramada Inn, just chillin'.

Alright, he was there on business, trumpeting the Sonics' need for a new/improved arena, or else. Howard Schultz and Wally Walker accompanied Stern to the legislative hearing, after which they broke for lunch and went to Wendy's.

In a related note, the Sonics no longer have the "worst lease in the entire NBA," as that title has been grabbed by the Trail Blazers (yes!). Here's a funny quote from the story:

"In a comparison with the Key Arena lease for the Seattle SuperSonics, Conn said the Trail Blazers receive no revenue for suites, clubs, courtside seats, game concessions or parking.

"The Sonics, by comparison, receive 40 percent of the revenue for suites, 60 percent for clubs, and 100 percent for courtside seats, game concessions and parking."

Isn't it amazing how teams can twist things around to suit their argument? For the past couple of months we've had to endure Schultz & Co. whine endlessly about how no other team in the league has to put up with what they do, and now we come to find out that the Blazers are fighting the same battle. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Never in the history of this nobly named page has so much money turned on a matter of taste. In fact, sportsbook an outbreak of good taste has Washington and the media wringing their hands--and Howard Stern poised on the verge of martyrdom. Or so he thinks.