Wednesday, October 3

5 Questions for a Wednesday

With training camp underway, it's time to start thinking about what's going to happen to the Sonics roster in the next 30 days. With that in mind, here are

5 Questions To Be Answered at Sonic Training Camp

1. Who starts at point guard?
Ridnour, Watson, West. Three choices, no easy answer. According to Carlesimo, all three are viable options. Frodo wants to put last year behind him, Watson is the defensive player the new culture requires, and West is the X factor. I’m betting on Earl.

2. Where will Kevin Durant play?
Shooting guard seems the likely answer. Durant played there in summer league, played there for the US team, and played there the first day of training camp.

3. Who starts at center?
Kurt Thomas is the vet, Bob Swift has the tattoos, Johan Petro has nothing. Sorry, that’s mean; Johan is easily the best french-speaking center on the Sonics' roster. Swift’s long rehab process indicates to me that the logical choice is Thomas, with an outside chance that Nick Collison takes the reins.

4. Where does Wally Szczerbiak fit in?
Durant’s your SG, Green’s your SF, Wilkins needs his minutes, Gelly needs his minutes, West’s a backup SG ... how the heck does Wally get any time? It will be interesting to see where/how often Wally World plays in the next month.

5. Will Big Weezy step it up?
Chris Wilcox has more potential for success than a Redford-Newman movie circa 1974. Unfortunately, we’re in Year 6 of the Chris Wilcox Era, and he still hasn’t shed the label of underachiever. With Durant and Green on board, I’m not expecting him to take the next step this year, either.


Anonymous said...

1. If it was just between Earl-Frodo, I'd go with Earl. But now that we have a third option, can't we hope Delonte's a better fit then either one?

2. looks like Carlesimo has pretty come out and said KD will play the 2.

3. Def. Kurt Thomas, I would think.

4., Why is everyone so low on Szczerbiak? You mean to say he's lower on the depth chart than Wilkins and Gelly?? I would think he'd be the first one off the bench at the 2 and 3, or possibly start at the 3, as long as he's healthy. Or is he a major defensive liability or something? Can't say I know a whole lot about him outside of his stats...

5. No

Anonymous said...

1. Hoping Ridnour nuts up and ends this debate. He's the most talented of the three but mentally and physically weak.

2. Is there really that big of a difference between SG and SF? Can't we just put KD and JG on the court at the same time and call them both Wings?

3. Unfortunately, sounds like Swift isn't up to the task yet. I'm fine with Collison and Thomas sharing 30-35 mpg at center until Swift is back in game shape.

4. I agree with the previous poster. Wally is a potent scorer and seems healthy. I see him as a nice contributor coming off the bench or even starting at SF if Jeff Green struggles.

5. Will probably put up better numbers, but that will only be a function of increased playing time and scoring opportunities. I don't expect him to make any meaningful strides in terms of skill and understanding.

Sonics Man said...

I think the evaluation of Wilcox is a bit harsh. He has done a nice job for the Sonics and continues to get better. He is quietly a nice asset for the team. He will never be a star but he gets the job done!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but since he has star talent/potential, quietly getting the job done is why he's been labeled an underachiever. It's a very fair evaluation, imo.

1. Watson

2. SG

3. Collison

4. backup SF/SG (Wilkins & Gelabale may end up sitting alot. Gelly is starting to sound like a dud. I still like Damien but not sure where he fits - needs to find some consistency in his play. Wally will play quite a bit, imo, since he's probably the best shooter on the team.)

5. Maybe next year (contract push)

Anonymous said...

1. If Ridnour steps up and returns to his former self prior to last year in the improvement category and not being a baby category, I see him getting it. If not then Watson.

2. I think shooting guard is the obvious and unanimous decision

3. The veteran Thomas will not be able to fill starter minutes, so either Swift and him share the minutes fairly evenly, or Swift gets the start and Thomas comes off the bench. This could be flip-flopped at the beginning of the season, but in the end I think it will work out that Swift gets the start.

4. On a team with not many veterans or experience, Wally will be a starter as long as he can remain healthy, as his ability to hit shots will help alleviate pressure on Durant to try and fill the major scoring gap left by the departure of Allen and Lewis. Jeff Green will fill in the sub minutes.

5. Not seeing a huge change this year from last, but who knows, we can always hope...

Juanejo said...

Actually i think Mo Sene is the best french speaker in the roster, so Petro has....nothing.

Anonymous said...

1. Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson will once again have a time-share at point guard. Ridnour will play the first six minutes of each quarter, while Watson will play the last six minutes of each quarter.

2. Kevin Durant will start at shooting guard, with Delonte West -- who's not a natural point guard -- as his backup.

3. Nick Collison will start center, with Robert Swift as his backup. Yet, once Swift strengthens his surgically repaired knee, he might cut into some of Collison's playing time.

4. As a small forward, Wally Szczerbiak -- who was an atrocious defender (Opponents' Points Per 100 Possessions: 112.7 & Net Defensive Points Per 100 Possessions: +5.4) last season -- is in competition with Damien Wilkins and Mickael Gelabale for playing time behind Jeff Green. As it is, however, I predict that Szczerbiak will be inactive for most of the season due to injuries and/or ineffectiveness.

5. From minutes per game to points per game, Chris Wilcox will put up close to the exact same numbers this season as he did last season. He'll still be thought of as a lazy, no-good underachiever.