Wednesday, November 14

Did You Know?

Here's some trivia for you. PJ Carlesimo's last attempt at "guiding" an NBA team came in 1999, when the Warriors canned the bearded one after 27 games.

Did you know? The Warriors started out the year 2-16, and that woeful start included an 11-game losing streak? Which means that in the last 35 games PJ has coached he's won the grand total of six?

Yeah, I'm not too excited about the rest of the season, either. But at least when PJ tells the guys in the lockerroom, "Hey, it could be worse," he knows from which he speaks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is time to start blasting PJ yet. I think he is a great leader for this young team. We need to be very, very patient with this coach and with this team. They will come around and start to win games!

Anonymous said...

Let me throw this out there, then. At what point to do we start blasting PJ? Would you still be feeling that way if the team was 2-28? Or is your cutoff point 2-42?

I'm not being facetious, but I think we need to set parameters ahead of time, in case the wheels REALLY fall off with this team. The easy thing to say is it's a young team and they'll get better, but I'm not seeing a heckuva lot of teams running out an 0-8 record right now, and with four more road games coming up, 0-12 isn't out of the question.

I think the best thing is to say we'll give it 20 games. If after 30 games this team is still as woeful as they are right now, I think that's a fair time to start questioning the decision to hire PJ Carlesimo.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bob Clay set this up. It was a sabotage deal from Day One. P.J. is doing what he can with this cast of rookies, retreads and underachievers. If Billy Clay Bob cans P.J., who exactly is he going to hire? The next fool in line? This isn't getting any better (20 wins is way optimistic), but that's because the kleptomaniac in charge wants it that way.
Stop making this sound like anyone in charge of this charade gives a damn about winning. They don't. They have one goal only: Kill the Sonics in Seattle. Stop pretending otherwise, folks. There's NO evidence to back you on up on that...
Fire P.J.? For what? Doing precisely what the Clay Billy Bob wants?

Anonymous said...

I think you have to remember the factor of Bennett setting this team up to lose bad this season. When Allen was traded and Lewis left we thought a big trade would happen because this team did not look good but we now know this team is what it is. I still think if Casey or McMillian are the coaches of this squad that we are still 0-8. My point is that in this situation it goes deeper than the coach and a coaching change does not change the situation. This will be a tough season but I do believe their will be high points and we will get some wins an PJ will do his best with what he has to work with and that is all we can ask for!!

Ted said...

Hey- So I'm watching all of this from the safety of San Francisco. I'm just wondering what the vibe is up in Seattle as far as Clay putting such a crappy product on the floor. Are people saying, "We'll still support this team no matter what you do?" Or is he going to succeed in driving fans away so he can say, "See, this community doesn't support their team." I'd like to think that it would be more along the lines of option A but then again, going to game after game and watching your team lose isn't that much fun either.

Anonymous said...

Nuss - I guess I just don't have any idea where the wheels are on this team? And if we're even dealing with a bus/car here. Anyway, I guess I'd hold off on blaming PJ until either a larger sample size is reached, like you said, or someone like Kurt Thomas comes forward and says he's running the team into the ground. I don't know what the team needs; before that awful Magic game I'd have said it was just some experience and stronger guard play... and maybe perimeter defense... ok, a lot of places. Anyway, I'd love to see an in-depth look at where the sonics are bombing it.

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