Monday, November 5

Sonics + A-Rod = Greedy Mofos

Fox Sports has a great article about the A-Rod-Boras-Bennett Axis of Evil:
Over the last decade Seattle dropped $6.2 million dollars a year to watch the Sonics. Talk about getting hosed. Does Bennett want more seats? Nope. More luxury boxes? Nope. He wants Seattle to shell out a whopping $220 million for new restaurants, shops and a practice court. All essential tools to building a championship caliber team. Especially the shops. One question remains, where will Clay park his yacht in Oklahoma?

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You're preaching to the choir, my friend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod Paul this is a great site...If the NBA thinks their brightest future is allowing carpetbagging billionaires the right to extort hundreds of millions of dollars from cities who have supported them for decades, then they're bigger dopes than Clay Bennett...meanwhile Stern is twiddling his thumbs, I guess he learned that from Selig.