Thursday, November 15

Seen & Heard

I haven't been keeping up with rumors about Sonic players and trades lately, simply because it's hard enough to keep up with all the losses.

But I found a couple of rumors out there that were of passing interest.

1. Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald in Chicago writes: "So this is all a pipe dream, but a player such as Seattle's Wally Szczerbiak would look good atop the Bulls' wish list. Last week, he scored 32 points and hit 12 of 16 shots in a game at Sacramento. But Szczerbiak has little future with the rebuilding Sonics. He played nine minutes in a loss to Utah three days later.
The bad news is Szczerbiak makes $12 million this season and $13 million next season. He'll be an attractive mid-level exception candidate, but not until 2009."

2. John Denton of the Florida Today writes: "Some power forwards or centers who the Magic might have interest in trading for include: Michael Doleac, Mark Madsen, Wayne Simien, Robert Swift, Saer Sene, Calvin Booth, Lorenzen Wright, Earl Barron, Melvin Ely, Johan Petro, Jarron Collins, Aaron Williams and Brian Skinner."

Yikes, that's one scary list, and further reinforces the notion that if you have a young son, you should be strapping his legs to a stretching apparturs every night. Because, quite clearly, no matter how bad you are, if you are 7' tall, there will always be a job for you.


Anonymous said...

If Orlando is stupid enough to pay Lewis 150% of what he is really worth, then why not fleece them out of a draft pick/ expiring contract/ young talent or two.

- Dan

Anonymous said...

Trade rumors aside, Sonics finally got win #1! And the untradable, KEVIN DURANT is going to be talking to callers LIVE next Wednesday to anyone who calls up on Nike's Bball site:

Best part is that anyone can submit questions. C'mon Sonics Nation support the future!

Nike's even giving out a free pair of exclusive sneakers to one lucky caller for the ocassion.