Thursday, November 1

Plans for tonight?

OK, so the Sonics lost their opener last night. Big whoop. Tonight's another night, and we here at Supersonicsoul are hoping everyone goes out to support the team tonight in what may be the last Sonics home opener in Seattle history.

In case you missed it yesterday, Chunkstyle thoughtfully provided us with a good way to help celebrate the Sonics without celebrating the evil men who own them. Print them. Wear them. Make us proud.

And after the game, come across the street to Mainstage Comedy (across from the Team Store), where I'm headlining a great comedy show.

See you tonight, kids!


Anonymous said...

I got 3 Clay Clay maskes ready for the game! See you there.

Anonymous said...

I have been a sonics fan for two decades--
no more- these southern carpetbaggers have gutted the team -- and our coffee boys sold us out -- will definitely not give this organization any of my dollars and urge you all to BOYCOTT

I'm training my attention to the other Northwest team--

Anonymous said...

zippy if your giving up on sonics now AND already rooting for the blazers! then your even more of a sellout than clay!!! traitor!!!