Friday, October 24

Fantasy II

Looks like your trusty narrator has fouled up the log-in process for the league. Here's how it should work:

Send me an email at supersonicsoul AT expressing interest in joining the league. I'll email you back the Password, at which time you can click on this link, where you'll type in the league name and password. (I think I've got it right now). [UPDATE: Alas, I did not. The league ID # is 124389, which will accompany the emailed password].

[I think].

Luckily, I anticipated that I would screw this up, so we've got all of next week to get things rolling. The first game for the league doesn't start until the week of Nov. 2, so you've got the weekend and a couple of days next week to log yourselves in and adjust your pre-draft rankings.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you need to provide us the League number, not the name :-) Otherwise we have to scroll through thousands of leagues to find it.

Shall we try again?

Repeat after me ... "Technology is my friend"

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Now I remember why I let Paul set this up the last couple of years. Here is the league number:


Anonymous said...

I'm team X.

Paul said...

When's the draft, chief?

Anonymous said...

Most likely on Thursday or Friday, depending on how many more teams we get.