Friday, October 24

Multiple Choice

Yesterday, Commissioner David Stern commented during a conference call with reporters that the NBA has made "positive contact" with a prospective ownership group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, and that it is possible the league will return to Seattle soon. Based on that information, please answer the following multiple choice question:

Which thought runs through Mr. Stern's mind as he contemplates the reversal of fortune in Seattle, one in which a city hell-bent on opposing stadium funding has become one hell-bent upon spending $150 million on improving 10-year-old KeyArena?

A) "Egggggscellent."
B) Rubs hands together and makes evil cackling sounds.
C) "I love it when a plan comes together."
D) "Soon, it will all be mine. All of it!"


Anonymous said...

E) Has anyone seen my pitchfork?

Anonymous said...


pg said...

There's no "open discussion" thread to put this in, so this will have to do...

How tragically sad/bizarre was it that Kevin Calabro was doing the play-by-play of ESPN's coverage of the Lakers/Bandits...I mean Thunder game tonight.

(Couldn't watch the game, still too bitter...just noticed it while surfing.)

Anonymous said...

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