Tuesday, October 21

Silver Lining

If there is a small silver lining to watching the Sonics pack up the moving vans and leave town in a cloud of dust, it's that Kevin Pelton now has more time to devote to writing about the NBA.

Case in point: Pelton's inaugural attempt at recreating baseball's PECOTA predictions in a basketball context. Naturally, he calls it SCHOENE, in honor of one Russ Schoene (and if you don't know who Russ Schoene is, why exactly are you reading this website?). He'll be investigating all the teams and divisions in the coming weeks, relying on his statistical predictions as well as his own common sense.

Sadly, there will not be any Seattle Sonic predictions this season. Happily, there will be plenty of others. Among them:

-Kevin Durant will average 23 ppg on 43% shooting
-Al Jefferson is penciled in for a 20/10 season
-TJ Ford will get 18 points and 9 dimes a night
-Shaq's ppg will be less than half what he got at age 30

Check it out.


KyleC said...

Here is a little something for you Sonic/Thunder fans from your oh so close neighbors. Hurry, time is running out.


Anonymous said...

And ..... here's why it will never happen with me. Read comment #2:

"I don't want em. They brought this on themselves! Have fun with the Mariners and Seahawks sucking @#$# for the next 5 or so years."

Now, are you asking me to get on board with that? No thanks. Oh, and Portland fans, have fun rooting for PSU and your AAA baseball team. I'm sure that makes you feel splendid.

KyleC said...

We dont root for PSU, we root for the Ducks and Beavers, both of which have creamed your two teams. Its funny that your two college teams will be playing each other to see who is the worst, and second worst team in college football. And you want to talk baseball?!?!? I guess the Mariners set the stage for college football by having the worst record in the MLB. We are just trying to offer something for Washingtonians to root for since all their sports teams are about the worst in their respective leagues.

Anonymous said...

People who have no teams of their own shouldn't rag on others who have bad ones.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but outside of the Blazers, what exactly does Portland have to offer, sports-wise? If you're going to count the Ducks, doesn't that mean that Seattle gets to count the Canucks, since Vancouver is about the same distance from Seattle as Eugene is from Portland?

Hey, Portland people, if you're trying to get us to be fans of your team, maybe you ought to lighten up on the insults. Just a thought.

KyleC said...

I only came back swinging because nuss tried to lob some lame insults our way. This was originally intende as a peace offering.

Anonymous said...

A peace offering that expires in 6 days... how thoughtful.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the offer, but try to look at it this way. Imagine that at the end of next season the Blazers moved to Las Vegas and, simultaneously, the Bobcats moved to Seattle.

Three months later, a group of Sonic fans asked you to start rooting for the Sonics, since you'd lost your team. How willing would you be to give up all the history you have cheering for the Blazers. Would you start rooting for another team while your old team's grave was still fresh?

Or, more likely, would you be bitter for a year or so, not root for anyone, and just sort of look askance at the NBA for a period of time? Think about it.

JacobG said...

If the Blazers left town and the Bobcats became the Sonics, I would probably root for the Sonics and adamantly root against Los Vegas. I keep my loyalties in the northwest, regardless of which city it is. It's for this reason that I root for the Canucks in the NHL.

We Blazers fans must be upset because we come from a different perspective. We root for the Seahawks and Mariners because they're the northwest teams. So, I suppose we were hoping to share some pride in being one of the northwest's teams, something all of us (Portland, Seattle, maybe even Vancouver) could rally behind. I thought we could all set aside our differences.

I guess not.

Anonymous said...

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