Thursday, February 12

And Your Sign of the Night Is ...

Best Sonic Sign of the Night, Port vs OKC

If you didn't see it on, then perhaps you might catch it on the Seattle Times website, or the News Tribune, on Yahoo sports, or Sports Illustrated.

Congrats to former Sonic employee Matt Heuer and his two-year-old nephew Zach Rankin for cracking the sports section of virtually every major media website in the country today.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a great sign and you have no idea how much I feel that Clay Bennett stole my childhood and I'll never forgive him for stealing my all time favorite team. When I lived in LA the amounts of money that I spent going to games all over the west coast and sometimes into Texas.

Sonics forever!

ZenDoc said...

I liked your photo here very much, but I think I liked the other one, that didn't get as much press, better for the poignancy of the message when matched with the baby's face.

Sonic Baby Zach Rankin, appearing very sad over what Clay Bennett did to his childhood. How sweet and sad, too. What Clay Bennett and David Stern did to so many people. One picture is worth ...

I would nominate this for best photo of the night. - ZenDoc

ZenDoc said...

How do I make that photo link clickable? Does dropping the "http://" do it? Like this:

or not? - ZenDoc

Anonymous said...

Here's how to make it clickable

Zen Doc's link

At this point, Raf and Paul's collective jaws hit the floor when they realized Pete was giving technical advice to someone else.

Matt said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the support!

ZenDoc said...

There is a short video on ESPN which is actually from the Oregonian, about the Sonics fans at the Portland-OKC game last night and it includes a little video of Matt & his 2yo nephew Zach with that sign and some other familiar faces.

Link to Sonics Fans Video

Thanks, Pete, for the technical advice. See if you recognize anyone in the video.


ZenDoc said...

There is also a story on ESPN about the Sonics fans experience in Portland featuring the perspective of Kevin Pelton, entitled:

The Night of the Living Sonics

Pretty cool stuff, don't you think?

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