Wednesday, February 18

That's Great, Dale, But About That Suit ...

Dale Ellis finds out he will be named to the University of Tennessee's All-Century Basketball Team, invents time machine, then stops by Don Johnson's house in 1983 to borrow a jacket for the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty funky suit.

ZenDoc said...

I don't know - I kinda like his jacket - it's leather, isn't it? When is leather not stylish? And I think he's just wearing jeans with it, but it's hard to tell. Anyway, he could do worse than Don Johnson. I made a comment on this post yesterday, but I see it's not here now. Did it get removed for some reason or did it get sucked up into the great internet space beyond? My comment yesterday was about the future. - ZenDoc

PN said...

Zen, I think the internet ate it up - feel free to blame Aubrey McClendon/David Stern/Clay Bennett if you like.

Anonymous said...

I believe those suits are made from the skin of actual volunteers. Little known fact ...

Anonymous said...

Wonder what color it would have been if he graduated from Lightspeed University...

Anonymous said...

How about at Evergreen State? I think they use the design from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Or maybe they think jackets are too male-oriented, and opt for a unisex tunic with a pewter scarf.

Anonymous said...

did he just win a golf comp or something?

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