Saturday, February 7

Seattle SuperBlazers?

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In the back of your mind, you all know it's going to happen. You should have been a little bit worried when Seattle Billionaire, Paul Allen, bought the Blazers. As Paul Allen was signing the ownership papers, you know that he was already plotting ways to move the Blazers to Seattle. Allen knew that the only way to get the Blazers to Seattle is to get the Sonics to leave, and to make the Blazers a team that Seattle fans will love.

So what does he do? He goes out and hires Mr. Sonic, Nate McMillan, no doubt luring Nate away with the promise that one day soon he will move the Blazers to Seattle. Hiring Nate away from Seattle also destroys the Seattle Sonics franchise, making their departure from Seattle more eminent. No doubt Nate called up some of his millionaire and billionaire friends, including Clay Bennet, and asked them for a favor. Then he probably went down to Starbucks and told Howard Schulz that he had a plan for Schulz to get rid of the Sonics and become a hero again. No doubt Schultz will be there on the day that Brandon Roy announces that he "had a great time in Portland, but is so glad to be back in Seattle!"

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it. If you have any ideas for the game Wednesday, let me know.

How about that beatdown the Thundercats laid on Portland last night? Ridiculous.

PS. the first link is broken.

Anonymous said...

Portland coach Nate McMillan, who spent his entire 12-year career playing with Seattle and his first five seasons as a head coach with the Sonics, said he has no hard feelings about the relocation of the franchise to Oklahoma City.
“It’s Oklahoma City. It’s not the Seattle SuperSonics,” McMillan said. “They’re gone, and they’ve changed locations and it’s a total different franchise.

“I’ve been away from Seattle for four years now, so I’m kind of past missing that situation. It is a little different that we’re not going to Seattle to play. But this has happened before. Teams in our league, they move, they change. And this situation here doesn’t feel strange or different.”

A movement is now underway to remove Nate's "Mr Sonic" title.

Anonymous said...

this Blazers to Seattle theory is utter hallucination. Forgetting to mention that Paul Allen has a sweet arena called the Rose Garden in PDX, and Seattle is still stuck with the Key, which started this whole mess, not to mention a legislative climate that won't allow anything to get done to bring the team back unless it's a brand new arena paid for 100% privately.

But i'll gladly buy some of that acid off you...

Anonymous said...

Check out this blurb from OK City's paper:

"Kings center Spencer Hawes made a fashion statement Sunday with his green shirt, gold suit and gold tie with a green image of the Space Needle on it. Hawes, a Seattle native, was admittedly bitter about the franchise’s relocation to Oklahoma City, saying, 'I could have been home right now.'"

You go, Spencer Hawes!

Paul said...

Great hearing from you Sheed--love the blog. Sorry about the link--should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Paul, thanks for the love, I really like what you guys got going here. It really bothers me a lot still that the Sonics were stolen, I wish the rivalry still existed up here. Anyway, keep in touch.

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