Friday, February 27

New Lawsuit for Aubrey McClendon

It's tough to keep up with Aubrey McClendon's legal proceedings and financial undoings, but a new case showed up today, in this case a class action suit from the firm of Izard Nobel LLP directed at whether or not Chesapeake Energy and its directors violated federal securities laws.

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be interesting to find out how much of that $200 "It's Not a Bailout!" million David Stern has acquired for his teams is going to our friends in Oklahoma City? Of course, we all know how popular the team is there, if by popular, that is, you mean "drawing the same television numbers as MacGyver re-runs."


Anonymous said...

They are averaging 97% capacity.

Anonymous said...

the Thunder are one of the worst teams in the league, yet they still draw huge crowds night in and night out. I wouldn't say they aren't popular. TV ratings will increase once the team gets better.

Unknown said...

To the guy above me, keep telling yourself that lol.