Wednesday, February 13

New Seattle Supersonics Arena (circa 1990)

After spending a day rummaging through the Supersonicsoul video archives (my spider-ridden garage), I found this gem from 1990. It's from a Seattle Supersonics infomercial called "Sonics Slam Dunk Saturday" that featured clips from the 1989-90 Sonics and a preview of the upcoming 90-91 season, including pieces on new coach K.C. Jones (who would be fired the following season) and an exciting new rookie named Gary Payton.

The most interesting part of the show, however, was an in-depth look at the new Seattle Arena that was to be built next to the Kingdome. Who wants to call that number and reserve some luxury boxes?

The show, hosted by a mustached Kevin Calabro and sportscaster turned Sonics salesman Gary Spinell, was about two hours and the source material (a well-worn VHS tape that's probably full of spiders or baby rats) is not great, but I'll be posting the best parts to our new YouTube Channel, SupersonicsoulTV, so be sure to subscribe to get updates. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take about a thousand showers. SPIDERS!


PN said...

Love it! My favorite bit is Ackerley's remark about why they selected a Kingdome-adjacent location: "It's been demonstrated over the course of time that that area is very good at absorbing a lot of traffic."

Paul said...

I know, right? I wish I could have included more of that part, but that segment of the tape is in REALLY bad shape for some reason.

Seth Kolloen said...

My favorite part -- "Folks will never have to go outside!" None of that pesky interacting with the urban environment. Wow -- how things have changed.

Paul said...

I blame the grunge.