Wednesday, January 12

5 Things

5 Things to like about last night's win over the Clippers:

1. Luke Ridnour's beautiful up-and-under move to the hoop, that may not have resulted in two points, but nevertheless was probably the prettiest move of the night.

2. Danny Fortson drawing a foul while setting a pick, something I don't I've seen a Sonics player do in quite a while.

3. The play in the third quarter wherein Allen fed Lewis in the low post, Lewis swung it out to Ridnour, who sent it to Collison (?) who fed Radmanovic in the corner for a three. I half-expected the Sonic dance team to set a pick they got so many people involved.

4. Jerome James garnering two blocks in one Clipper possession in the first quarter.

5. The Sonics picking up for their fallen comrade, Lewis. How many teams in this league can play well with their 2nd-leading scorer rendered ineffective?

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