Tuesday, January 25

Fouling Around

I couldn't remember if I had put this up before, but in case I hadn't, it's worth a read. According to 82games.com (could I reference this site any more?), Danny Fortson is the best in the NBA at drawing fouls.

The article also singles out my favorite former Sonic (Michael Cage excluded), Corey Maggette, as an exceptional foul-drawer for a perimeter player. Hey, Wally, can you get off your ass and trade for this guy already? Ray Allen's value isn't getting any higher!

I know I can't be the first to say this, but I'm of the opinion that fouls are the NBA's equivalent to walks in baseball. Everyone acknowledges them, but nobody gives them their due respect (at least until Billy Beane showed up).

For instance, fouls:
1. Are a consistent way to score points that never take the night off (as opposed to jump shots)
2. Hurt the other team in two ways, by putting your team at the line and by putting opposing players closer to DQ
3. Allow your team to catch its' breath, especially for teams like the Sonics and Suns (although it could be argued that it allows the other team to rest as well)
4. Are recommended for preventing tooth decay

I'm not sure about the last one, but the other 3 are legit.

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