Monday, January 17

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Some recent comments from readers:
"How about commenting on games we won! Big win over the Cavs tonight. Only one and a half back of the Spurs for the 2nd seed in the west."
- Alan

"Yeah, where my homies at?"
- chunkstyle23
O.K., I'll admit I've been slacking lately. Maybe if you guys would help me get a new computer instead of the Tandy TRS-80 I'm currently using , I'd be able to write more.

Also, I've been busy on a project for the man, but now that it's almost over, I promise I'll get to work on more Spine-tingling Tales of Supersonica© . In fact, here are some new stories that will be lighting up your computer screen in the near future:
Yes sir, there's a whole lotta Supersonic goodness coming your way. Yup. Just as soon you get me that computer.

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