Monday, January 10

Nothing but Net

You know, before the season started, I was relishing the Sonics trading Ray Allen for anything more than a bucket of paint. But with his stellar play this season, I've changed my tune, which makes this story all the more troubling.
From The Detroit News:

"You kind of hope Seattle General Manager Rick Sund isn't repeating his own history here. He famously low-balled Allan Houston during contract talks with the Pistons back in 1996, which led to Houston leaving for New York. Now he is apparently low-balling Ray Allen. The most the Sonics could offer Allen is a seven-year deal worth $95 million, and he's not even asking for all of that. The bid the Sonics have on the table is about $75 million, which is insulting to Allen and his agent, Lon Babby. Sund and Babby met in Washington last week, and nothing apparently came of it. It would behoove the Sonics to get a deal done soon. If they feel they are at an impasse, they have only until Feb. 24 to trade him. Otherwise, they could lose him without compensation this summer. "When February comes, if I haven't signed a deal, I know the speculation will be out there," Allen said. "Who wants me? Where I might end up going. All that stuff. That's just part of the business." "


According to this site, Steve Nash is 7th-best PG in the league. Funny, you'd expect a league MVP candidate to at least finish in the top 5.

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