Tuesday, January 25

Game Night: Lake Show

I was a little off in my last prediction ("we're in for a butt-whuppin' tonight") of the Sea-Den matchup. (Ed. note: yeah, and Geraldo was a little off when he was looking for Capone's vault). But I guarantee nothing but riches tonight in today's issue of "How Much Money Can Pete Win for You?"

Like all good Sonics fans, I hate the Lakers. I detest Stu Nance and his terrible commentary (could someone find Chick Hearn's fridge so we can put Stu in it?), Magic's big mouth, the Staples Center's plasticity, Laker fans' plasticity, and everything else associated with this team.

That said, the Lakers have some cool players. You gotta like Odom, who rolls to the hoop almost as well as he rolls a joint, and Brian Grant's tenacity is always appreciated. Fortunately for us, Ray Allen's pen pal is still recovering, which means the most dangerous offensive player on the Lakers is Chucky Atkins.

'Nuff said.

Good Sign: Kobe's spent more time at the doctor's office than on the court this month.
Bad Sign: Sonics have lost 3 straight on the road.

Vegas line: Sonics by 3
Prediction: Sonics 103 - Lakers 94
Record Against the Spread: 12-7

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