Tuesday, March 22

Black and White

Paul Silas, former Sonic, Celtic, and now, coach.

This may be of interest only to me, but with Paul Silas getting the ax the other day, it's worth bringing up:
-From the New York Times:
"Over the last decade, black NBA coaches have lasted an average of just 1.6 seasons, compared with 2.4 seasons for white coaches. That means the typical white coach lasts almost 50 percent longer and has most of an extra season to prove himself. Silas was in his second season with the team. "Our white counterparts are given more the benefit of the doubt," Silas said in an interview in January. "Things have changed dramatically in our society, but it still has a long way to go."
I'd like to think there is some logical reason why this is the case, and it's possible that Jerry Sloan alone could swing the numbers in favor of whites (in fact, I'd like to see what the averages are with Sloan out of the picture). Still, it's worth mentioning.

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