Wednesday, March 23

Rashard for Mayor

Fanfreakintastic win last night for the Supes, with Rashard Lewis well on his way to making sure all of us remember that Ray Allen isn’t the only superstar on this team. Rid did his job in hitting open shots, Shard passed out of the double-teams he’s going to start seeing all the more, and, well, nobody else really stepped up so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

And, more importantly, Rashard laid two more classic quotes on us after the game. To wit:

"It just feels like no one man can stop me.”

And, in reference to the previous game between the Bucks and Sonics:

“They kind of laid us on their laps and just spanked us.”

Great stuff there. Anyway, here’s a stat I’ll bet you hadn’t heard. The Potato has played 10+ minutes in five games for the Sonics this season. Seattle’s record in those five games?


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