Wednesday, March 16

Oh that Danny!

Something amazing happened during last night's 99-93 victory over the Chicago Bulls, and it wasn't Reggie Evans grabbing 19 rebounds in 27 minutes. Nope. It was our man, Danny Fortson, wrangling a near NBA record six fouls in just six minutes!

Here are the quickest exits in NBA history, courtesy of the Seattle PI:
12/29/97 Bubba Wells, Dallas, 3 minutes
3/12/56 Dick Farley, Syracuse, 5 minutes
12/22/00 Mark Bryant, Dallas, 5 minutes
3/15/05 Danny Fortson, Seattle, 6 minutes*
*Several other players have collected six fouls in six minutes
We here at Supersonicsoul would like to salute Da Fort on this magnificent achievement. Huzzah!

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