Monday, March 7

SLAM Cover Boy: Ray Allen

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This month's SLAM magazine features none other than Seattle's own Ray Allen on the cover (West Coast, anyway). For someone who sports zero tattoos, Ray gets a decent write-up from a mag that panders a bit much to the white kids who like the gangsta rap 'cuz it frightens their parents. (I love to read the letters to the editor, where suburban kids hilariously try out their flimsy grasp of Ebonics.) (Despite all that, I've been a fan since Issue #1 with Larry Johnson and only missed a coupla issues during the strike year, but I digress.)

Bonus Seattle Content!
On page 39 there's a shot of Kevin Calabro droppin' knowledge as a part of their rave about NBA League Pass. Excerpt:
League Pass is all about tuning in to Sonics games to hear Kevin Calabro, probably the best play-by-play announcer in the League not on national TV. His smooth, laid-back delivery and constant command of the action is one of League Pass' greatest pleasures.
Slam hasn't given Seattle this much love since Shawn Kemp rocked the high top fade. This almost makes up for the ugly-ass Gary Payton cover they ran a few years back, where he looks like a velociraptor.

For some reason, I got mailed the East Coast version with Dwyane "Dwayne" Wade. Last I checked, Renton was on the Left side of the map. But I ain't complainin'. If you're not a subscriber, the issue should be on store shelves soon, so keep an eye out.

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