Thursday, March 3

Ray for MVP?

Am I the only one puzzled that Ray Allen isn't getting any serious consideration for MVP? Marc Stein's latest piece mentions Duncan and - ugh - Steve Nash, but Allen is relegated to a second tier.

My question is, why? I can see if Nash's team was head and shoulders above the Sonics, but I fail to see why a 3.5 game lead (Phoenix over Seattle) means one team is light years ahead of the other. Throw in the fact that Ray's got one all-star teammate to Nash's two, and it seems to me Ray is worth some mentioning.

Of course, you can add in that Duncan is playing with only one all-star, but Tony Parker is easily better than the third-best Sonic (Radman? AD? Luke?), so Allen's got the edge there, too.

No, I'm starting to think that the Ray-for-MVP bandwagon ought to have some more people on it, and if we can't say it, then who can?

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