Friday, April 8

Carnival of the NBA

Matt Bernhardt of the excellent Bulls Blog has started a new feature called "The Carnival of the NBA", which highlights different NBA Blogs from around the world (well, North America, anyway). Since he (and many others) have been kind enough to feature our humble Sonics Blog, I thought it was time to return the favor.

So, without further ado (whatever the hell that means), I present to you this week's CARNIVAL OF THE NBA:

- Over at Bulls Blog, Matt asks for a moment of silence for fallen rookie Luol Deng.

- Jeff from Celtics Blog speculates on Boston's possible playoff opponents.

- Over at Knickerblogger, they're comparing the Knicks recent play to the Flat Earth Society, while my other favorite Knicks blog, Larry Fleisher's "Father Knickerbocker", features a piece on Jason Kidd's recent dissing of the Knicks.

- Keven, from Maverick Blog, cranks out the stats to show who the best defenders in the NBA are.

- Kurt runs down the week in Laker-Land at Forum Blue and Gold.

- GH claims that the T-Wolves aren't dead yet!

- Matthew bemoans the loss of Tim Duncan at the Spurs Blog, while dropping lyrics from my favorite band.

- Scott (creator of the best looking basketball blog in the world, Raptor Blog) talks about Toronto's "matador defense".

- Ron Hitley, from Hornets247, has a brand new feature on his site called "Baselines". So go check it out, already!

- David Eisenberg laments the loss of Big Shaq Diesel Daddy Dude at Crazy from the Heat.

There are probably dozens of other great NBA blogs that I missed, so if I forgot your site, feel free to hit me upside the head.

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