Monday, April 11


Don't know if anyone else saw this, but Saturday night the Suns and Warriors engaged in a classic, 1980s style shootout in Oakland. You can see the box score here, but the agate doesn't do the game justice. You had Stoudamire playing like a man possessed, the arena was thundering, G.S.W. shooting 70% in the 4th quarter - it was fantastic.

Five things I learned from watching that game:

1. Steve Nash couldn't stay in front of a parade of disabled World War II vets;
2. Mickael Pietrus will never have a game like that again;
3. Zarko Cabarkapa is Vlade Radmanovic at a third the price;
4. Adonal Foyle just could be worth all the coin he's getting;
5. The Golden State Warriors are going to be fierce next year.

I've given Chris Mullin slack for some of his moves this season, but getting Baron Davis was genius. It's a shame the Warriors aren't going to make the playoffs, because they are easily one of the 3 best teams in the West right now.

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