Wednesday, April 27

Crazy Times

As someone who grew up in Seattle during the 80s, I am well aware of what it was like to be a Mariner fan when no one else was. M's games on September Sundays were routinely bumped from KIRO for the Seahawks, and the city had as much interest in the team as a Baptist minister does in a David Lynch film.

Well, times have changed. Believe it or not, FSN has decided that Game 3 of Sonics-Kings ranks below a meaningless April game between the A's and Mariners. That's right, the Sonics will be on KONG while the M's play out their crucial match with Oakland on FSN. With only 120 games left in the season, this could be the one that makes all the difference, right?

Keeping in mind that I was a member of the Pepsi Junior Mariners, understand me when I say that I am sick of the Mariners and wish that Safeco Field would fall into the earth, with Chuck Armstrong, Pat Gillick, and all those stupid fans inside of it. Bring me the days of 13,000 announced attendance, of Ed VandeBerg, of the Non-Alchol (sic) Section, of the Kingdome.

I return you now to your regularly scheduled Sonic talk.

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