Saturday, November 4

Comeback Falls Short

It was turn back the clock night last night in Los Angeles, to an era when high-scoring affairs were routine, when 11 players scoring in double figures was the norm, and when the Lakers cleaned the Sonics’ clock with regularity.

My 112-103 prediction was off, but the gist was right – it was high scoring and the Sonics got beat, thanks in no small part to Kobe Bryant’s return from injury, Luke Walton’s career-high 20 points, and Lamar Odom’s continued brilliant play.

Let’s look a little closer at the game:


1. Ray Allen, quarters 1 through 3: 30 points
2. Rashard Lewis. 21 second-half points
3. Danny Fortson, +5 in 12 minutes
4. Sonic runs of 14-0, 7-0. and 12-2
5. Chris Wilcox’ double-double
6. Earl Watson’s 13 points and 7 assists
7. Allen’s six steals
8. 9 turnovers, compared to 18 for the Lakers


1. Allen, 0-for-6 in the 4th quarter
2. Lewis/Luke Ridnour, combined -34
3. Sene, -8 in 11 minutes
4. Lakers’ 26-7 first quarter run
5. Lakers outscore Seattle 37-13 at the line
6. Only 2 blocks to LA’s 7
7. 1-for-10 from 3-point range in the 4th quarter
8. Ronny Turiaf in the 4th quarter
9. Lakers shoot 72% in the 1st quarter

Most importantly, Johan Petro was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat prior to the game during the Sonics’ workout in LA. It’s not known if/when Petro will return to the lineup, but you’ve got to feel for the guy. He spent the entire pre-season being chided for poor play, he lives in a foreign country, playing a game that’s still sort of new to him (i.e., NBA rules), and now he finds out he’s got an irregular heartbeat. I know, he makes a ton of money, but, still, not exactly the best couple months of his life.

The big story from last night was the ridiculous differential in FTA. I didn’t get to watch the game (in their infinite wisdom, the Pacific version of Canada’s ESPN broadcast the Warriors-Blazers game in Vancouver rather than Sonics-Lakers; go figure), but can anyone tell me if the calls were as ticky-tacky as Hill and the players claimed?


Anonymous said...

The foul calling was hilarious. On one end Wilcox gets mugged x3 by Turiaf, called a 'block' and then Kobe gets the ball on the fast break and some how he was fouled without contact.

Paul said...

Bob Hill agrees (from the P.I.):

"Can you believe this (expletive)?" he said, looking at the box score. "It's difficult to win a basketball game when one team shots 48 free throws and your team shoots 16 and you go to the basket for two-thirds of the game. When it happens right in front of you, you can see it.

"I probably shouldn't be saying this, but we deserved to win that game."

Anonymous said...

Great game Friday except for the refs. Can't believe I was actually entertained by the Lakers.
Sunday's game was inspirational, except for poor Nick. I think maybe he needs to sleep farther away from his baby or something - there seems to be something bothering him still. Whoever the hell lit a fire under Ridnour needs to keep it stoked all season long - I may actually take the bullseye down from his picture if this keeps up.