Monday, November 6

Kemp still wants it

Seattle Supersonics great Shawn Kemp dunks in Jordan's face.At halftime of the Sonics 117-110 win over the Lakers Sunday, the team introduced most of the members of the 40th Anniversary Team, including Supersonicsoul favorite Shawn Kemp. And, in case you hadn't guessed, he's still trying to make a comeback:
SEATTLE (AP) - Shawn Kemp still isn't ruling out a return to the NBA.

Kemp was honoured on Sunday night as part of the Seattle SuperSonics' 40th anniversary team as voted on by fans of the franchise.

Kemp, who played in Seattle from 1989-1997, was one of 16 players selected.

After receiving the loudest ovations during a halftime ceremony, the six-time All-Star said he will be headed to Italy next month to play for a team in Rome, and still wants another shot at playing in the NBA.

"I've still been in contact with a lot of teams. I played ball all summer," Kemp said. "Between you and me, I would love a chance to win a ring."

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You and me both, buddy! Of course, we know this isn't the first Kemp comeback, and it certainly won't be the last.

BONUS: Video of Kemp playing in 2006 Summer League!


Anonymous said...

How the hell was Tom Chambers left off of that list?

no love for TC

Paul said...

Sadly, Tom's best years (except for '87) were with the Suns. I would've voted for Tommy Gun though. I had the same feathered hair-do.