Tuesday, November 14

A New Hope?

After winning three in a row on the road, including an impressive victory over the New Jersey Nets on Monday, you'll have to excuse our giddiness. Just when the Supes looked like their heads were already in Oklahoma, the boys have started to play like the team we dared not hope they could be&mdash fast, furious and fun to watch. It seems we're not the only one high on the Big S&mdash check out what ESPN's David Thorpe has to say:
SEATTLE'S BETTER: The Sonics have me scratching my head more so than any other team thus far. Lost their first two games by 10 points total, lost their next two by only 4 points. The Nets expected to see a lowly Seattle team, and got their butts handed to them in the first half.

This team has some moxie to them, and they have Ray Ray too. Imagine their frontline with a healthy and effective Robert Swift (now imagine they took David Lee two drafts ago instead of Johan Petro). They are closer to getting back to the playoffs than I originally thought two weeks ago. -- David Thorpe
Dare to dream, my man, dare to dream.

(thanks to Jason for the tip)


Anonymous said...

Oh! Yeah!
I found this blog on the Wikipedia on spanish. It's so great.
I will visit supersonicsoul every day since now. :)


Anonymous said...

They are looking good. And Ridnour is playing like an All-Star.