Thursday, November 16


So I guess Jay-Z likes basketball.

The recently unretired rapper/producer/bigshot appears in a new series of videos for the NBA on TNT (Jay-Z Uncut Video 1 and Jay-Z Uncut Video 2). He's also appearing as an unlockable player in the new NBA Live 07. Oh, and he's a co-owner of the New Jersey Nets.

Maybe we can get Sir Mix-A-Lot to buy the Sonics. Courtney Love? Anybody?


chunkstyle23 said...

Jeff Ament? Death Cab for Cutie? The Presidents of the United States of America?

We have.... connections at the company that makes Backyard Sports. We could sneak an unlockable Kenny G into "Backyard Basketball 2007" no problem.

Anonymous said...

yes pleeeeease...jeff, stone and eddie buy the sonics !!!